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Hi Rhett,

I'm curious how much I could sell my business for. I've never done this before, so I'm not sure which information is required, but here are some details about my business:

- We're in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- It's a personal fitness training business. We help clients lose weight, gain muscle, etc.
- We're currently doing about $140,000/year in personal training sales, and of that, about $92,000 is profit.
- We have a website that is pulling in about 6-8 leads per month
- There are systems and operations, so if someone was to take over the business, they could hit the ground running.

I don't know if this is enough information, but based on what I have, what do you think my business could sell for?

Hi Igor

Thanks for your question.

Sounds like you have a good business going there. The profit margin seems really high - over half of your gross revenue is profit? Not sure how you are calculating profit, but for any business anywhere, if you are generating that much over and above your direct and indirect costs of business you are doing extremely well.

I assume you are taking into account salaries when you calculate profit. The salaries of owners (and of course payroll) should be a line item on the expense side. This is important because in most business sales, the value of the business is based primarily on the income, and typically one owner salary is considered a cost and the rest (perhaps other owners, family, etc) are taken out and "added back" into the total profit.

We always figure the value of the business based on the "adjusted net" income. This figure is:

- the total net profit, figured by taking gross revenue and subtracting all expenses, both direct and indirect, plus....
- the total "add backs" into the profit, meaning all benefits the owners get from the business that are not viewed as income, such as free gym membership to family members, free personal training, company car driven by owners, vitamin or enhancement supply for the owners the company pays for, etc.

I would leave one industry standard owner/manager salary in the mix, and take out any others and add them back into your profit. Then multiply that figure by 2.5, and that is an approximate value range your business should sell for.

If those numbers are accurate, you likely have a very valuable business that would sell easily.

Hope that helps,


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