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Selling or Buying a Small Business/Should I trust a business list compiled in 1996?


Hello I am interested in opening up a mail receiving business after I saw info about it on this website I want to know if you think it's a good idea or not? it says this in the strategies part "Strategies:  Pick up mail from home or post office boxes. Pay bills for the person who is  away from home. Consider advertising in vacation journals, etc." The article was written in 1996 and I am worried that the info is way too outdated to even be considered a reliable source. Is this still a viable option to persue in 2014?

Hello, and thank you for contacting AllExperts.

There are many types of small services businesses like this one, that can provide a relatively small income to an individual. They do not cost much to set up, normally. They can work particularly well if you focus on your immediate area and neighborhood, contacting as many residents as possible directly, without having to spend money on advertising. It would be important to minimized your expenses, and you can work from home, of course.

With this type of service, there are many other ''add-ons" you can consider, like becoming a notary and notarizing legal papers, driving disabled people and seniors to various appointments, grocery shopping for the same, and even paying bills for a person who is home but cannot function. As a one-person business, you could become very busy quickly, and have plenty to do. It is all about how you market yourself, whether or not you are successful. Marketing is where many people fail when starting a business, because normally business doesnt just find you; you have to find it. Using your computer, Craigs List, some door to door flyers, notices on supermarket billboards, and other kinds of low or no cost advertising can build your business up quickly.

Like with any business, it is all about you, your plan and your efforts. What you are describing can certainly work, but I believe it would be important to offer a variety of services rather than one. Look for ads in local papers of other similar services to see what is offered, and what the prices are for the services. Starting a business is not easy, which is why most people want to buy an existing one. However, it can be much less expensive to start one, especially if you are not in a situation to need income immediately. If you do, it may be that starting a business is not for you.

In any case, best to you in your new venture!


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