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what are the ways to value intangible asset (just need the names of technniques)? Also can things like systems / programs ie. iso program increase value of a company.
In valuing a business how can one simulate or check dozens of options to add or minus assets and how that changes valuation. For example if one add a process improvement process what impact do these have on the increase valuation. What are the different ways to go about simulating the change in value of a company via testing dozens of options.

Hi Sam

An intangible asset is really no different from a physical asset - it's value is primarily found by its ability to bring in money. There are many ways in which the value is established, however the most common would be to determine how much actual money (revenue and profit) the IP actually generates.

If a process or system is part of a company and that process or system brings in revenue or saves money (increasing efficiency, streamlining) then the value of it is directly proportional to the money made or saved.

There is little outside of money-making that brings value to any business, since the business exists for that one purpose.

Hope this answers your question adequately.

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Selling or Buying a Small Business

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