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Hi Mary Jo,

Can you please tell me what campsites 27 and 164 are like.
We will be staying in a 30 RV with 2 adults and 4 kids and it will be our first time to sequoia np. We have chosen lodgepole as it is close to giant forest, moro rock, beetle ed center etc.

I have looked at Campsite of both campsites.

Can you tell me is 27 really unlevel? Can you walk down to the Kaweah River easily from there? Is it a nice spot?

Is spot 164 a nice spot? Can you walk to the river easily from there?

Which would you chose for an RV, or would you prefer a different rv spot.
If we had to walk to the lodgepole market for example, how long would it take you to walk briskly from 164? We will be shuttling most places and leaving the rv parked at the campsite. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , all the way from australia (planning our 2014 trip to the usa)

Hi Tash,

You are really going to like Sequoia!

Lodgepole campground is a relatively long campground, so site 164 is a distance away from the market to site 164.  You're looking at probably a 15 minute walk... I think.  We've never walked it, and so I am guessing when I say that. Site 164 is at higher ground than the river, and you will be in a relatively flat area.  But, you are not really far from the river, and I'm sure you will be able to hear it from your campsite (I love the sound of water).  Also, you are not far from some watering holes that are nice to take a dip in.  I recommend going to the bridge and climbing down to the river.  Also, if you take the Tokopah trail that is on the left of the river (you'll see the trailhead), you can walk to a couple of other water holes that are in the campground, and a little farther up you will come to the campground waterfall (about 6 meters high maybe).

As for site 27, you will be close to the amphitheater, and if I recall that area is not hilly as the next section.  Usually the areas for the RVs are not in hilly areas.  I think you will be on lower ground than 164, but you will be a bit farther from the river.  

I'm trying to think which I would choose, if I were to go in an RV, and I would probably pick 164, even though there are more people up there.  You're closer to the trails, and I think closer to the water there.

Hope that helps a bit, and welcome to the US. :-)

Mary Jo

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MaryJo Mellado Willey


I take my children camping in Sequoia often. I have favorite places to visit, and some easy hikes to take. There is also a small lake close by where one can fish, swim, or rent a small boat.


I've camped in both Lodgepole and Dorst campgrounds. There are plusses to both of them.

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