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Hi MaryJo,
You helped me last year with my trip to Lodgepole.  I was wondering if you could help me out this year with a trip to Dorst Creek.  We will be camping with another family who suggested we go to Dorst Creek.  I have only camped in Lodgepole and I actually love it there.  
How does Dorst Creek compare to Lodgepole and what sites would be the best for camping with children?  We would like to have a bit of privacy.  Do you know anything about sites 180 or 181?
Any help ASAP would be appreciated so we can book.

Hi Julie,

It has been awhile since I've camped in Dorst. Last time was in 2000.  I really do prefer Lodgepole.  Having said that, when we did camp in Dorst, we had a great time, even though we were camped on a hill (site 72), and so we literally were sleeping on a slope.  My cousin and I kept sliding.  We still had a great time.  We did see more deer and bear there, and more animals than at Lodgepole.

Keep in mind that the showers and general store are all at Lodgepole, so if you will be driving 8 miles to get to them.

You are also going to be near the amphitheater and a restroom, so I think you are in a good spot.  Also, if I remember correctly, there is more space between campsites at Dorst than at Lodgepole.

Let me know how you liked your campsites when you get back. :)

Best regards,

Mary Jo

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MaryJo Mellado Willey


I take my children camping in Sequoia often. I have favorite places to visit, and some easy hikes to take. There is also a small lake close by where one can fish, swim, or rent a small boat.


I've camped in both Lodgepole and Dorst campgrounds. There are plusses to both of them.

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