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Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP/Lodgepole campsite...driving to Hume Lake


We have a campsite in Lodgepole but we want to go fishing in Hume Lake. We'll only be staying two nights and are wondering if it makes sense to head over to the lake since it's nearly an hour away. I'm not sure how the drive will be. We have kids and thought it'd be nice for them to play in the sand while the guys fish. It almost seems like we should have gotten a site in Hume Lake but wanted the feel of Lodgepole plus the amenities. As we're heading up there, we're already going sightseeing at all the main sites and doing the Topokah falls hike the same day. Is there enough things to do around the Lodgepole campsite or is it an ok plan to head to the lake?

ANSWER: Hi Nina,

I almost always go to Lodgepole to camp, and almost always visit Hume Lake while I am there.  I do not think you will be disappointed.  It's about a 45 minute ride, and you'll go through a small grove of Sequoias called the Lost Grove.  It is a nice midway stop for 10 minutes or so to take pictures, and part of the adventure.

I recommend doing the Tokopah Falls hike early in the day, and then head out to Hume Lake.  The beach there is really nice, and the kids can swim and cool off after the hike.  Just note that the parking around Sandy Cove (which is where you should go) can get crowded, but we've always found parking there.  The restrooms are very rustic at that part.  You can then drive to the tiny 'village' and gas up if you need to, or stop at the gift shop or snack shop.  They also have kayaks to rent for a nominal fee.  At Sandy Cove, the river/stream runs into the lake at that point, so it's fun to explore.  If you want to do the opposite, you might go to Hume Lake earlier in the day, and then head back around 2/2:30 or so, and then hike Tokopah Falls in late afternoon.  It's one of my favorite hikes there.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your quick and informative response. I really appreciate it. I do have two other questions. I know there are specific spots you can fish in Hume Lake. Would the fishing areas be walkable from the Sandy Cove spot and are dogs allowed? I know they're allowed in Lodgepole with a leash but am unsure about Sandy Cove. Thanks again! You're reply really helps  with planning.

Yes.  When you go to Sandy Cove, you'll see that they have a rope across that will keep the boats out.  Just beyond that rope the banks are good for fishing - all within walking distance.  And, yes, dogs are allowed on the beach.  You should have no problem there.

Hume Lake is in Sequoia National Forest, so it's not as strict as the national parks.

Have a wonderful time.

Note that the water level is really low this year, so not sure that there will be much water at Tokopah Falls.  There is a little waterfall at the end of Lodgepole campground that has a nice waterhole there.  Your family should be able to enjoy that.  The other waterhole is at the bridge that intersects the campground.  

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I take my children camping in Sequoia often. I have favorite places to visit, and some easy hikes to take. There is also a small lake close by where one can fish, swim, or rent a small boat.


I've camped in both Lodgepole and Dorst campgrounds. There are plusses to both of them.

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