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Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP/Lodge pole Site 183 or site 43 or 45


QUESTION: Hi, I am planning on first camping trip to sequoia np. Planning on Arriving June 9. Which of these sites would you recommend. Have large family tent and I think these sites will accommodate them. Thanks ahead of time for any advice you can give.


Site 199
Site 199  
ANSWER: Hi Milen,

Between the three sites, I would pick 183 if you would like to be closer to the wilderness, however, you will not be anywhere near the water.  Between 43 and 45, I would probably pick 43, though either one should be okay.  Just know that you cannot park right next to those campsites, but will have to walk a little bit to set up camp.  The nice thing about those sites is that you are right near the stream.

How many nights are you going for? I took a look at the weekend that you're going, and would pick 199 over 183.  It is close to the trailheads, and walking distance to the waterhole. I really like it.  Of the other sites available, 43 and 45 are good choices.  I have a couple of pics of Site 199 so you can see. I don't have the other sites, though.

Have a wonderful visit!

Mary Jo

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Will be going with 2 kids who love playing in water so 199 does sound better than 183. So thinking 199 or 43. How long and flat is walk to parking and how far is 199 from this watering hole. I'm assuming kids could play in stream or watering hole right.

Just remember that in June the water will be higher than normal, especially since we're expecting El Niņo this winter/spring.  

Site 43 is a little walk from the parked car, but it is pretty flat.  I've never camped in that area, but I've driven around the entire campground so I kind of know the areas.  I'm not sure about shade for Site 43, but I think there are trees.  Site 199 is walking distance from the watering hole, which is right next to the bridge to the higher ground campsites.  Have you seen the map?  Here is a link to it:

Hopefully, this link will work for Site 43. It's the link to make a reservation, and then details about the site.  There is a picture of it:

Regards, Mary Jo

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MaryJo Mellado Willey


I take my children camping in Sequoia often. I have favorite places to visit, and some easy hikes to take. There is also a small lake close by where one can fish, swim, or rent a small boat.


I've camped in both Lodgepole and Dorst campgrounds. There are plusses to both of them.

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