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Serbian Language/Meaning of a Serbian surname?


Dado wrote at 2008-06-30 15:09:11
The way Serbs name themselves is actually Germanic way of name structuring. That started in the 17th century under influence of Austro-Hungarian empire. Before that they used old Slavic way in which the last name is actually diminutive variant of one's father's first name. The Habsburg monarchy occupational officials started doing censuses within Serbian lands and required Serbs name themselves the Germanic way, picking the non-changeable last name. If they refused the officials would do it themselves anyway usually by asking the relatives or neighbors about the particular person. That explains why there is a certain number of bully-sounding last names among the Serbs, some even going to the extreme. As far as JovetiŠ is considered, this one originates probably from a guy whose nickname was Joveta.

Nikola wrote at 2014-09-06 23:05:11

Jovetic does not come from the name Jovan, the old serbian name Joveta is the name you are searcing for. This name is verry rearly used now days. Son of Joveta or in fact little Joveta becomes Jovetic or how you spell it in english, Yovetich. The name comes from serbian family in Montenegro, in a region called Crmnica nearby the old capital of Montenegro called Cetinje. One of the most known Jovetic persons is the football player Stevan Jovetic currently playing for Manchester city in the premier league.

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