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Cibalia wrote at 2013-06-14 12:41:57
What is Serbian, hmm that is easy, NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA and NICHT.

Once something comes out of Serbian mouth, like your mouth Ranko, it has to be of course. We all know that, as there are plenty of pro Serbian sites on the internet to testify to what I just said.

Once a Serb hears something or goes someplace, whether for a visit or to live, it is of course (you guessed it), it is all Serbian, it must be Serbian. Croatian land, writing, names, surnames, singing and so on, the list is never ending, it has to be Serbian.

Like a stolen car which is tagged and reborn again, although it’s still the same car, it now belongs to someone else. That’s how the so called Serbian nation came to existence.

There is no such thing as a Serbian language, Serbian name or surname, you proved that to me with your feeble attempt to somehow show the origins of the surname Majstorovic. How it came from a German then through to a Serb, to officially become a Serbian surname. You somehow bypassed the Majstorovic surnames origin through Croatia and Bosnia.

The problem we have with that conclusion, is that Serbs have been visiting these places, with force 99% of the time and now reside there, so Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo are now all Serbian lands, we brother Serbs know this, isn’t that right Ranko.

This is what the last war was about in the 1990’s and every war prior to that, to the Serbs everything is Serbia and everyone was Serbian and that the Serbs were only defending these Serbian lands, they never attacked anyone.  

This is why the delusional Serb thinks even to this date that they did nothing wrong, and still to this day can’t understand why the whole world was against them.

All this trouble, senseless death, destruction and suffering, for what Ranko? I’ll tell you why, it is because of Serbs like yourself who like to pass on a lie long enough to the point where it becomes the truth, Serbian Truth and then Serbian history. I know there are good Serbs out there but they are unfortunately a minority in Serbia.

Vuk Karadžić reported that in Serbia there were no last names "until our times", i.e. until the nineteenth century, and that patronymics were used in the traditional way.

“We can now conclude that lying is part of the Serbian culture, since the only thing you have provided in our discussions, is lies, as well as all other Serbs I have been discussing with”

-Dobrica Cosic, cultural "father" of Serbs.

These all came out of Serbian mouths Ranko, so I guess it must be truth.

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