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Christian wrote at 2010-05-20 18:42:17
Sadly, the prior response may be well intended, but it is wrong.  Tongues in the Bible is a language that only God understands ( as it says in 1 Cor 14 ) and a language that God gives us because we 'know not what to pray for'.  It's how we pray in the Spirit, it's the sign of the Spirit, it's the manifestation of Bible salvation.  It saddens me that people can refer to 1 Cor 12-14 yet plainly not understand anything it says.  Yes, love is greater than tongues, because when Jesus returns, we will not need to speak in tongues anymore, but love will endure.  Yet Paul spends three chapters telling people how to understand and use tongues in the church, so he plainly was not saying that this gift from God was somehow bad, or that we had to choose between tongues and love in this age.

laila selvam wrote at 2010-10-21 17:29:48
In the book of Acts the gift of tongues was the ability to speak in a foreign language that one never learned. Not so,   It is never described as an unintelligible babble.

Has he never read is – with stammering lips and another tongue will speak to my people   When the disciples spoke in tongues they were communicating the good news of salvation to men of different countries not so – has he never read – when you speak in tongues you speak not unto men  hmmmm.. but unto God, later it says our understanding is unfruitful except you pray to interpret .

The hearers said are not these men Galilaeans and how hear we every man in our own tongue wherein we were born?  In other words this would be similar to preaching in Spanish or Russian or Japanese, etc. and never having learned the language.

This was a one time event when everyone around understood – Paul said when we bless in the Spirit we do very well but people are not edified because they don’t understand .  

There are some theologians that believe the gift of tongues no longer operates in the church since it was used purposely to help establish the infant church but today is no longer necessary.  Today we have interpreters, and translators and all kinds of language aids.

Speaking in tongues builds you up in the inner man, it is a refreshing form The Lord, you are able to pray according to the perfect will of God beyond natural limitations, you are able to speak and or pray divine mysteries ect..   

One major principle of Scripture is that God does not do for you what you can do for yourself.  Another thing to note is that this gift like all others is given to edify or build up the body of Christ.

Prophecy is to build the body, tongues is for you unless it is a corporate gift whereby someone interprets  It is not for personal aggrandizement. Incidentally, feelings are not an indication of holiness.  

Evil angels can inspire pleasant feelings because as you know they often “appear as angels of light.”   Another interesting thing you wrote was “ my tongue was loosed into a language I'd never heard before. I stopped (shocked by what was happening.” The Bible has a direct answer for something like that. May I relate it to you?  Scripture states: “And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. She was surprised becaused of a lack of understanding – she never suggested she lost control  

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace as in all churches of the saints.” 1Cor.14:32, 33.  In other words the prophet or person prophesying or in your case speaking in tongues is the one in control.  The words coming out of that prophet or person is under the control of that person.  It is never the other way around. i.e. the words or babble don’t come out of the persons mouth with a will of its own.

This is true as far as you choose to speak or not – she never suggested she lost control  

Final point – This is a Gift of the Father, Jesus called this the Promise of the Father, also on different occasions when this happen people referred back to – John said I baptize you with water, but one comes who is greater than I He will baptize you with The Holy Ghost and fire,

Peter said this is that which was promised by the prophet Joel, in the last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, Peter went on to say this gift is for you, your children and your children’s children and many who are afar off as many as the Lord will call.

He should also consider, when Peter when to Cornelius house a gentile he was not sure the gospel was available to the gentile until he heard them speak in tongues, then when Peter was summoned before the council in Jerusalem to explain why he went to the house of a gentile he said God sent me and they received the same gift as we did in the beginning  - then they agreed God was doing a new thing because he poured our his spirit on the gentiles. How did they know he poured out his spirit as on them – they spoke in tongues. This is a gift to the body from The Father, how can we determine this gift is  of no value.

annomymous wrote at 2011-08-04 23:19:33
The bible states that speaking in tongues is not JUST for the edification of the church(tho it MOST DEFINANTELY IS!) It is for the edification of the body(Soul) as well. Speaking in tongues WAS and STILL IS evidence that the Holy Spirit was resting upon an individual..Those who do not believe that tongues is a gift to be utilized today try to  use the book of Corinthians to say that speaking in tongues is wrong or not useful for today.But if those same individuals research the word they will find that the books of Corinthians were corrections to the Church AT Corinth because they were abusing this gift(1 Cor 14:5-12).In other words they were not being lead into tongues by the spirit of God at all.They sought the holy spirit and the gift of tongues for themselves only and were not interested in seeking spiritual gifts to lift and build the church spritually. Your case is exactly what the experience of tongues should be in the self-edification sense..You were seeking a closer walk with God, you were seeking strength, you were seeking an EXPERIENCE with him and he gave you what you asked for. The bible states that it is not his will that any should perish, and if you didn't get something deeper with God you were going to walk away...God also edifies the church through tongues and interpretation which I have also seen and witnessed. Sometimes the tongues/interpretation come from the same person and sometimes it(tongues) comes from one person and the the interpretation comes from someone else, and the power of God is evident.I'm on a whole different tangent with sooo much more to say but the short answer is Yes Tongues is for the edification of the body(soul) as well.

Paddi Norling wrote at 2013-10-09 05:48:53
Oh you are so so wrong, previous writer !   I speak, pray in tongues continually, and have done for about 30 years.  Yes there is the "tongues of men"...the ones you mention; but you fail to mention the "tongues of angels"[ 1 Cor. 13 ]  Tongues are the Holy Spirit praying through us. Paul said he "spoke with tongues more than you all" When I pray with tongues, it is very powerful, to edify me, I am so built up with clarity , revelations, words of wisdom, sometimes words of knowledge.  It is the Holy Spirit praying through me. This is a truly wonderful gift!!   I know that not ALL speak with tongues.  But those who have this gift. treasure it! And for you to decry this wonderful gift, listed with all the other gifts, just because you do not have the gift, is very sad.  We all have different gifts. Jude 20 says "And ye beloved, builing up yourselves on your most holy faith,praying in the Holy Ghost.." This says it all  ...this" most holy faith " is the faith of Jesus which we have been given, and we have  been given the Holy Ghost to pray IN.    Also it is written: " And these signs shall follow them that beleive; In My Name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues...." Mark 16 v 17.    Note IN MY NAME...It is the Holy Spirit who causes us to speak in tongues, to pray in tongues!  It is not of our own doing!, anymore than any of the other gifts listed in this verse are our own doing!When I ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, tongues flow from my mouth in joy and love as I exalt my Lord .   When I think of a person who needs prayer, tongues flow from my lips.  It is praying IN the Holy Ghost.   THere are "divers tongues" and "diversities of tongues"    The gift of tongues is can speak a mans language, unknown by speaker{ but The Holy Ghost knows because HE is speaking] ;  then the Holy Ghost prays through us , for He knows how to pray for every situation! We cannot know what to pray so often, but as tongues[ ie the Holy Ghost praying throuh us ] begin to flow, we are being the vessel for the Holy Ghost to intercede through.  Please do not despise is the gift of God....and all His gifts are good. When I begin to pray, allowing the Holy Spirit to move through me in tongues, then HE is glorified...I know nothing...He knows all things .

Vera Martin wrote at 2015-10-29 20:36:08
I agree with you patty norling.  I too have spoken in tongues for

over 30 years.   I received it when I was a new Christian and I was going through terrible spiritual warfare.  I asked God as a baby Christian if I could receive this gift.  Some ladies in our

church laid hands on me and i could feel the Holy Spirit taking

over my tongue, and I received it.  I was in a Pentecostal church

at the time.  I prophesied in church several times and either I

or the pastor interpreted.  I also have my personal prayer language and  have found that most people are afraid to receive this gift. At the time, I was was so eager to receive it because

I needed something from the Lord so desperately.This is from God

and not the devil. If you would like to further discuss this with me, I will be happy to do so.

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