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Lwando wrote at 2011-06-17 15:43:49
Hi Rachael

Communion service is an event which starts by 'washing of feet' by all the partakers. In the Adventist Church we as kids start taking it when we are old enough to decide to partake of it, that is when you have decided to get baptised, and really when you are a "baptised member" of the church.

Making it is subject to the presence of the Deacons,Elders or the Pastors, whohave to conduct the devotion. Now doing it with little ones we find it not making a real meaning to the kids. They also must understand itsimportance and vitality as an event in whole and not partially.

Connie wrote at 2013-08-27 11:19:57
Dick and JoAnn Davidson have a book on Sabbath celebrations.  The book illustrates how to make the Sabbath a joy. If I remember correctly, one suggestion was to have grape juice with fresh leavened bread (not to confuse with Passovers unleavened bread) and candle lighting each Friday to begin the Sabbath.  

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