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Pastor Chuck wrote at 2010-05-20 11:41:52
So, Pastor Don, I think we all agree that ALL SIN is under the blood of a new believer, right?  If that is the case (and it is) then who are you are anyone else to say a certain sin (ie. divorce) is different than any other sin and prohibit any "new creature in Christ" from preaching if in fact that is the Heavenly call on his life?

I think you and I both know of ex-cons (Pastor Doug Batchelor is a good example) who are great preachers, but "God forbid" they be divorced.  That is the unpardonable sin.  Wrong!

The "one man, one woman" verse you quote is in referenced to polygamy.  


Pastor Chuck

JJ wrote at 2012-12-03 20:22:19
A real christian will not even consider divorce, unless---God-forbid their life is in danger or there is infidelity.

If there is no biblical reason for divorce, divorce should not be. Are we really having a debate about this....??? What happened to standing on a plain, "Thus saith the Lord".... Please don't tell me we are compromising with the world....................  

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