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Theodore A. Jones wrote at 2013-07-13 22:36:46
No angels were involved in putting the written code of law into effect nor was there a mediator involved either. The law that was put into effect by angels is the result of the law having been changed after Jesus was crucified. See Heb. 7:12. Other references of this law are Acts 7:53, Rom. 2:13 & 5:20, Jas. 1:25 and many others are even found in the OT.  

Jake TF wrote at 2013-09-24 20:45:36
Gal.3:19 clearly states 2 laws. The one that was added (typical, shadows or ceremonial law) because the eternal law (Ten Commandments law) was transgressed. Other components of the verse about the promise of the coming seed was the part angels played during the giving of the law of types or shadows is basically a clear allusion to the beginning. After Adam and Eve transgressed against the moral law of God (Gen.2:16,17) they became sinners and had no access to the tree of life anymore, however, God who is so gracious gave them the promise of the plan of salvation (Gen. 3:15) that was made long before Adam and Eve sinned (Rev. 13:8). Unfortunately, the Seed or Jesus would come after thousands of centuries. Therefore, God introduced or added another law (types, shadows) to teach sinners to have faith in the coming Redeemer and confess that they are condemned sinners. God himself gave them garments of animal skins that indicated there was blood there in the garden. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, etc, offered animal sacrifices, built altars and eventually the priests and the ceremonial system came into existence to regulate these typical or ceremonial law that taught people about the Jesus and the significant of His atoning death. This added law should be abolished at the cross just as Gelatins 3:19 says. It is God's law, but it was given and administered by Moses on behalf of God. Lastly, the Sabbath of the 10 commandment law is not abolished because it is not a type, it's first of all the memorial of Creation (Ex.20) and secondly, the memorial of Salvation (Deut. 5). Types were introduced after the Fall but the Sabbath existed before Adam and Eve sinned (Gen. 2:2,3). If you still feel that the Sabbath of the 4th commandment is abolished, then all the other nine are gone as well. James argues that the 10 commandments still binds ... Thanks you my friend in Christ, I pray that the Spirit will guide you into all truths. Thanks.

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