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paul wrote at 2009-07-31 10:49:30
While Matt is correct that the vision refers to Gentiles now being clean because of his Church's false theology he misses the obvious that all animals are also now clean.

Matt wrote at 2010-02-17 21:28:08
Accusing someone of "false theology" is pretty strong words...especially when you have no Biblical proof to back up your statement.

William Bryant wrote at 2013-12-10 05:34:10
But why were the Gentiles considered unclean?  Because they did not observe the Mosaic laws with regard to ceremonial cleanliness, and these included eating the flesh of "unclean" or "common" animals.  "Unclean" animals forbidden for food to the Jews according to Leviticus were land animals like the rabbit, the pig, and the camel. "Unclean" water creatures not to be eaten included shrimp, lobster, calamari, and any water creature that did not have fins and scales, like for example, whales. ( It is interesting that an S.D.A. physician told me some years ago that SDA's who hunted whales for meat and blubber for food were members who did not comply with the prohibition in Leviticus.  Most SDA's do not realize that Ellen White wrote in her "Testimonies" that if the Lord wanted Adventist people to stop eating pork, it would be revealed to them.  And sure enough White claimed a "vision" some years later that she said revealed Adventists were to no longer eat pork. Does this mean between the time of Peter's scriptural vision and White's "vision" allegedly some 1800 years later it was o.k. for Christians to eat pork? )  God is telling Peter through a vision that the Gentiles who eat foods labeled "unclean" or "common" under the Mosaic Law are now clean and accepted by God because of their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.  So to become a Christian one is not required to observe the Law of Moses,(see Acts 15)and God is revealing to Peter this includes the dietary laws of Leviticus. He can now with a clear conscience have table fellowship with Gentiles and eat both with them and what they eat at the table. (The white canopy in the vision may represent a table cloth used for meals.) Remember, the Lord told Peter arise and kill and eat "unclean" and "common" animals eaten by Gentile believers.  So eating of flesh foods must be a part of our understanding of this vision from the Lord to Peter.

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