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Seventh-Day Adventists/SDAs do not believe they alone will be saved


John wrote at 2010-01-16 02:48:06

I am truly sorry that prophecy holds no interest for you, because if it did then all of this confusion you have over the SDA Church and EGW would soon be dispelled.  

If you had even the most basic understanding of Biblical prophecy you would understand what EGW was saying.  Taking her comments out of context is why you are so confused.

You need to understand that EGW was talking about a future time when the beast power will be in full control over both the political and religious systems here on earth.  Something that we are on the virtual edge of today with the rumblings of a one world government, and the rapid approach of a cashless society.  Once all of this is soundly in place, and the line in the sand has been clearly drawn, then yes people that willfully disobey God - along with ministers, clergy, and other teachers that lead their congregations astray - will most certainly be denied entrance to the Heavenly Kingdom.  This is clear to anyone that has read the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Once this counterfeit system of false worship described in these prophetic books is in place anyone who willfully disobeys the Eternal 10 Commandments of our Creator God, including the Seventh Day Sabbath, will be subject to his wrath.  A wrath brought about because of Lucifer’s selfishness, dishonesty, and rebellion.  Sincere Christians in ALL churches at that time will see the need to come out of Babylon…  The others that blindly accept the falsehoods upheld by the beast power, and who refuse to acknowledge the true God as their Creator, and His Son and Redeemer as their Savior, are the ones that will be subject to the punishment that results from this sin.  

At that time…  “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

I hope and pray that clears things up for you.



V37 wrote at 2010-02-01 21:08:04
I suspect that no official position has been thrashed out regarding those SDAism could claim are neither Remnant nor Apostate.  If it were, I wonder if it would conclude that the Remnant (converted to & dying within the belief & obedience to weekly sabbath keeping) obtained fuller eternal joy than those unintentionally disobeying it through ignorance, teaching damnation for such as knowingly "rejected the knowledge of the truth"?

Without a clear official position, some SDA folk would probably believe their network taught the damnation of all non-SDAs, and some SDA folk would probably believe such was not the case.  I think there is confusion in the system due to unclarity, ambivalence.

Huy17 wrote at 2014-08-06 07:22:01
Where in the Bible does it say it is okay to not keep the Sabbath holy. List the verse. Where in the bible does God say that it is not Ok to keep the fourth commandment. Where in the bible does God say that in the new covenant, the 10 commandments are done away with. I guess if its done away with, its okay to disregard the other commandments as well. God Law is forever, He does not change. You are misinterpreting SDA writing. SDA's does not consider Ellen Whites writings over the bible nor do we use it as the "final" word. We do not preach that only SDA's who keep the 7th day sabbath will be saved. That is false and contradicts what the bible states about those who will be saved who love and serve the lord but were not aware of or had a full understanding of the word(ignorance).

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