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Mona wrote at 2011-08-11 15:30:47
The Seventh Day Adventist church is going through a 'shaking.'  Everyone wants to do what they feel is right for them without regards to any authority.  It's like how Israel was before they had a king, everyone did what was right for them.  

I do cover my hair, 24/4 (except for occassions when I might run out and forget my hat, which i do sometimes)  But the majority of women in my church don't wear hats, scarves, etc.  I guess i'm am very old fashioned.

love4god wrote at 2012-03-31 22:28:40
I think you are right in covering your head it's not a Sin if you do not but it shows the utmost revernce and respect to Jehovah God when you do . Even the angels in heaven veil thier faces before the Lord we are sinful human beings so why shouldn't we ??

Serving Him wrote at 2012-12-05 22:43:04
I Praise GOD for headcovering! I've only been doing it for a few years now, but I know it's right!  I've studied it and everything I've studied tells me it is right!  Many in the world and in the Church will tell you it doesn't matter, but if you're striving to live for Our LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST and you're studying HE will show You what HE wants YOU to DO for HIM!  

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