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QUESTION: how can we as leaders of the youth solve the problem of power struggle among the youth in the church?

ANSWER: Hello Precial,

I'm not really sure what you mean.  What I think you mean is the problem of the youth feeling like they have been given a position of leadership in a local congregation (some sort of responsibility), and them exercising it in a way that challenges an elder or someone else...  The problem is that today most all the denominations have a top down hierarchical structure, where there is no real engine for change.  With this type of framework it only serves to destroy a congregation when leadership is challenged.  For the youth to feel they have a voice in matters at a local level there should be a separation from the hierarchy so that in matters of faith and practice laypeople can have a cause or effect on matters and not that their presence be left unnoticed.  I realize that with this framework it requires much more self-control than what is currently being exercised in all the denominational churches, but then again we are called to exercise the fruit of the spirit are we not?

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QUESTION: thank so much, for this opportunity, but i meant that should you find two young people in the AY society fighting over a positon in the society, what will you do?

If this is indeed the case between two young persons in a given group, it would be good to remind them of the incident with Jesus when his disciples walked with him by the way...  As they argued among themselves which of them was the greatest, they lost sight of their spirit of humility and lowliness.  He who shall exalt himself shall be humbled; he who humbles himself shall be exalted.  

"Let he who would be chiefest among you be like unto a servant".

Some renderings of scripture in my own words for this situation that is all too common.  

The easiest way to walk away from Christ may be to think of yourself too highly and take a course of action which is contrary to the spirit of Christ.  Lessons in humility are bitter ones to learn.  I speak from experience as you surely sense.

In addition to the above, I would also remind them that the times in which we live require a greater level of self-sacrifice...  For the youth to be functioning only in a worldly-ambitious way, trying to outmaneuver another youth for a position of employ/athletic position/position of recognition, speaks volumes about their leading.  Remind them that Christ gave up his career as a carpenter at a moment's notice and asked his disciples to "follow me", a man who had no place to lay his head...  If they cannot be brought back around to the self-effacing humility required of a person of Christian virtue, then how can self-examination yield an opinion that they be such?  It ought to be enough to sober up the worst of us as to how much Christ, our Lord, gave up to be our sacrifice.  "The servant is not greater than his master."  This age has produced the tares of the enemy and I pray our children are not snared by this new world order of pride and arrogance.

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