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Rickrock wrote at 2011-12-23 16:54:08
This man is wrong he is finding away to take part in this pagan Christmas Jesus was not born on this date do your home work are father yah told us not to worship him the way the pagans do please if your worryed about doing the right thing then Google do lots of home work read your bible start at yer 10-1,5 and theres many more go on YouTube . Pple are trying to compromise with god and they can't there's no comp with the father he tells us what to do n how to do it . You can not ad or take away from what the bible says its a sin ... Your brother in the lord .. rickrock!

observer wrote at 2013-03-13 10:39:43
I still believe though that there is paganism in Christmas whatever we want to think. If you say it has no connection any longer with paganism, then can you explain the symbolisms and rites of paganism, like the Christmas tree, what has it to do with the Savior of the world? What about Santa Claus? This is the mystery of iniquity...upholding the traditions of men they do away with the commandments of God...just a thought. Thanks

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