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Kevin McMillen wrote at 2012-08-22 13:58:09

I'm sorry but your answer makes no sense at all.

SDA teach that those who surround Jerusalem at the end of the Millennium are the wicked who are raised to be judged in the Great White Throne Judgment.

They teach that once they are raised, they will come to fight against Christ and the Holy City, surrounding New Jerusalem. Then Christ will send fire down to destroy them all. SDA teach that all the wicked will be destroyed at this time.

Well, Zechariah says that of those nations that fought against Jerusalem. That those who "are left" will go up from year to year to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.

So according to SDA millennial chronology, either some of the wicked are left, or some of the Saints will refuse to come to Jerusalem to keep the feast of tabernacles. Which is it?

While this is a problem in SDA chronology, I see no problem when true biblical evidence is used.

SDA's use proof texting to make the bible fit their millennial doctrines, instead of making doctrines that fit the bible.

The SDA teaching of an millennial empty earth is completely wrong which leads to misunderstanding true biblical chronology.

SDA teach that the earth will be desolate meaning it will be completely empty of human life. They use Is. 24 and Jer. 4 to try to prove this. What they don't tell you is that Is. 24:6 says that there will be "few men left" and Jer. 4:27 says that God will not make a full end, and Jer. 5:10, and verse 18 says that God will not make a full end of "you".

Is. 6:11 says that the land will be utterly desolate, but notice this statement doesn't mean there will be no men left at all. Verse 12 says that the Lord removed men far away and verse 13 says that there will be a tenth left which will return, it also says they will be "wasted away", though the KJV says "eaten" the Hebrew word means wasted. They will return but they will be in a weakened condition.

Jer. 9:16 Speaking of Israel says that God will scatter them among the heathen (nations). Jer. 10:18 says that God will cast out the inhabitants of the land.

The problem with SDA theology is that when Christ returns they believe there will be only two types of people alive. The saved and the lost, but is this true?

What about those who have never heard of Jesus? Which of the two groups will they fall into? If you say the saved then why send missionaries, to give them a chance to reject Christ? If you say lost, then why would a just God send them to hell to be destroyed?

I know you'll say, well the three angels will preach the gospel to the whole world. O.k. what about those who have lived and died and never heard of Jesus?

I've heard Doug on Amazing Facts say that at the end time there are four groups of people:

1. The living saved.

2. The dead saved.

3. The living lost.

4. The dead lost.

So, the 14 year old african boy that died hundreds of years ago never hearing of Jesus. Which of the four groups does he fall into? The lost? Is that fair? The saved? I thought that the bible says that there is only one name in heaven or earth that men can be saved, Jesus Christ.

Where does that boy fit into the plan of God? Or the millions of people throughout this 6,000 years that have lived and died never hearing of Jesus?

This is why God's Feast Days are so special and important, unless one keeps the Feast Days they don't understand that God has a means of salvation for those people. Even for your next door neighbor who was a good person but never set foot in a church and died. Is he or she lost forever?

Here's a quick outline of what the bible teaches about the end.

The time of Jacob's trouble Jer. 30:7 will take place at the beginning of the tribulation. Most of Israel will be killed and a small remnant will be scattered throughout the nations. Next comes the day of the Lord when God will destroy most of mankind. The comes Armageddon when the armies of the nations surround Jerusalem. This is when Jesus returns and destroys most of them. Read Zech. 14, this is talking about the beginning of the millennium not the end as SDA believe.

When Christ sets up his rule here on earth Rev. 5:10 there will be few men left Is. 24:6, Jer. 4:27, Ez. 6:8, Is. 6:11-13

Now at this time Christ will gather the remnant of Israel that were scattered among the nations. Jer. 32:37, Ez. 34:13, Ez. 37:21 and he will place them in their own land.

This takes place at the beginning of the Millennium. Next Zech. 14:16 says that those who are left from those that came up against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.

It says that all nations (gentiles) will keep the Feast of Tabernacles. Even Egypt. Why? You'll learn this once you start keeping the Feasts of the Lord, Lev. 23:1,2,

Jesus and the Saints will rule the earth for 1000 years, there will be peace on the earth. It will not be empty.

Then at the end of the Millennium Satan will be released for a short time, and he will go out to deceive the nations once again. Then Gog and Magog will surround Jerusalem to again fight against the Holy City. Here against God will destroy them.

Next comes the Great White Throne Judgement. This is when that little african boy will be resurrected, when that next door neighbor will be resurrected, when everyone will be resurrected.

Next it says that books will be opened. What books? No not the book of Life because it is stated next to be opened. What are the books to be opened? The Greek word is biblios. Could it be the bible? Has God closed the bible to understanding for the majority of mankind? Will this be the time when God reveals the truth to all of mankind, opening the bible so that all can understand?

Well, next it says the book of life will be opened. Why? I thought that all that were written in the book of life had been resurrected in the first resurrection. Why open the book of life again? Did God forget someone? I don't think it's possible that God would forget someone. Did God make a wrong decision? This is what the SDA teach. They think that it is the Saints job during the 1000 years to double check the records of all who have lived. Why? Do we not trust God's judgement?

There could only be one reason for the book of life to be opened and that is to allow for more entries. Could the name of that little boy from Africa be one of the names placed in the book of life? Or how about that next door neighbor?

Good people, (relitavely speaking that is, none are good no not one) who for whatever reason never heard of Jesus, or never came to hear of the truth. I'm sure there are possibly millions over the years who have lived and died never hearing of Jesus. Japanese, Chinese, Indians, etc. etc.

One day they will be resurrected and have their "first chance" at learning about Jesus.

This is the real chronology of the bible. This is revealed in God's Holy Days.

Isn't it time to let the bible form our doctrines and not make our doctrines fit the bible through proof texting?

stsimian wrote at 2012-12-01 22:46:52
Good points brought up.  Unfortunately by telling people that God's plain prophecies for the end-time were dependant on obedience from Israelites, which is unfounded, people will be mis-led.  God's will is set and the end will unfold as He has said it would (for a good that will be understood after a lot of human misery).  Quite a curse will be administered to those that should know better and perpetuate the lie that God changed his course.  All the Bible works together and His (Heavenly Father's)prophecies and rule will stand.  If you don't agree with this(Zechariah 14), ask yourself 2 questions.  Who told you differently?;  and what is the change in direction for the course of the end-time prophecies (yes, all of them) by believing this lie that Zechariah 14 will not happen at the end of the age.  If they don't fit together, then some honest prayer and seeking forgiveness from God are in order;  he says he will hear you if you are ernest.  People when they see the mis-direction should be shaken and humble themselves instead of searching for ways to discredit God's prophecies.  Zechariah 14 is a difficult phrophecy for Adventist's to overcome if they are respecting God;  if they are not respecting God, then it is not that difficult at all.  

Think on this and then go to God and reason with him out of the scriptures - not the clear word and the SDA commentary.  This same reasoning is used for mis-guided people to argue around keeping the Sabbath.  It is carnality in a form that precludes God, prayer, study and humbleness (child-like) to let God work with an individual.

Seek Him while you can.

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