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approximately what year did the sda start using the new king james version of the bible.  I have studied very hard rev 22:18 and 19.  I have found nowhere in the old or new Testament that warrants changing any word, idea, or any other formation of the King James Bible.  Please, help me to understand why this is happening.  I have been an adventist for 34 1/2 years and this has always been one of my strongest differences from other churches.  I don't want to be like everyone else because they are usually wrong.  the wrong spirit leading them.  i could name a million reasons for not using a "different bible" but i won't go into them here.  please answer my question because i am finding it very hard to get an answer from anyone.

The New King James translation was published over a three year period in the late 70's, early 80's. The New American Standard came out in the mid 60's I believe and the Revised Standard came out in the 50's. So I would guess that Adventists started using these translations as they came out. This was similar to Ellen White's practice of making use of new translations as they came out also. Here's a quote from the White Estate:

The Use of Different Bible Versions

Did Ellen White use any translations of the Bible other than the King James Version?

Yes. While it was Ellen White's custom to use the King James Version, she made occasional use of the various English translations that were becoming available in her day. She does not, however, comment directly on the relative merits of these versions, but it is clear from her practice that she recognized the desirability of making use of the best in all versions of the Bible. For example, in her book The Ministry of Healing, Ellen White employed eight texts from the English Revised Version, 55 from the American Revised Version, two from Leeser's translation, and four from Noyes, in addition to seven marginal renderings. In her preaching, however, Ellen White preferred to use the language of the King James Version as it was the most familiar to her listeners.

My pastoral training in college of both Greek and Hebrew suggests to me that everything is a translation. Even as you use the words of the King James you are translating. Are there translations that are more faithful to the original manuscripts? I suspect so but I know of no one that is convinced that any particular Bible is perfect although I've seen some folks who might make that claim.

To begin your quest to understand why the different versions exist, take a look at this article from the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It will give you plenty to think about and help you with your question.

Blessings on your Bible reading and letting the Word dwell richly in you.

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