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QUESTION: reading Tom Norris outline to the three angels message he referrs to IJ, what is IJ?

"However, the IJ was not known during the 1st Angels Message as all modern SDA's have been incorrectly taught and thus it cannot exist in this historic Message.  And it does not exist in the 1st Angels Message as all 20th century SDA's were indoctrinated.

Today, the SDA's have removed the core doctrines that anchor the Three Angels Messages.  They have changed Miller's Protestant Gospel into the Roman Catholic version even as they have replaced Miller's Judgment Day message about the Second Coming with the fanciful IJ, thus gutting the 1st Angels Message of its true doctrines.

What is the Original SDA Belief in the 3 Angels message and what is the modern SDA interpretation of the Three angels message?

ANSWER: Hey Thom, Looks like I'm kind of late in answering your question. Sorry bout that. The IJ means Investigative Judgment. I don't know how many Adventists use that term regularly but it is about a specific part of the judgment scenes we find in the Bible, namely the time just before Christ returns to claim His church. You can't find the term in the Bible as such, but the idea is that just before Christ returns, He has to know who wishes to be a part of God's family forever. The judgment is the event that determines this. The investigative part is the process of determining who is on the list.

I made that sound kind of clinical of course, almost machine like. I actually don't see God's judgment in that manner at all. I see it as the grand conclusion to the promise that God made all the way back in Genesis 3 that He would put an end to Satan's attempt to control the world. Christ's death on the cross is another major point in the judgment, where God pays the price of death for all who want to be part of His family forever. And then in the period prior to His return, God raises a people to share the 3 Angels messages in Revelation, Fear God, Give Glory to Him The Hour of His judgment is come, Babylon is fallen, etc.

Adventists feel a special calling to share those messages. So we have a more deeply developed theology of judgment as a result of those and other texts. Hope that helps. More questions, just ask.


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QUESTION: I can find the three angels message in Rev. 14, A.)I want to know what each angel is ministering about and B.)what their agenda is According to EGw and C.) what time, that is time frame did each angel give their message. 1.)and how was it given and  2.)to whom was it given. Secifics please.

Where can I find a study on this subject as believed by our founding fathers, veses the 20th century teaching as mentioned in your last answer.

thank you very much for answering, and appreciate the recounting of the question for a reminder. since I do ooutside reading and research, I  am trying to review earlier doctrines of the church and why have they changed since the original teachings.

What was the 1888 message? and Jones verses Waggoner? views. thank you. if you hae a referral website so that you do not have to re iterate the answer, that woudl be fine. I wousl like your abreviated version and pjoint to out where i can find answer on a websitre. thank You so much.   At one time I had aseveral small green booklets with Waggoner and jones name on them. As tiem ha gone on, they mave become lost in the shuffle of many moves over the years. LOL.


Here are some sites and papers from our church that offer some answers or insights to your questions.

See if this search in our Church paper, the Adventist Review offers insight into the Three Angels Messages.


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