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CCH wrote at 2013-07-31 09:21:36
Hi, I'm an Adventist and I think I can give some explanation on this issue.

The sanctuary service was a shadow of things to come, a "type" of the "antitype" situation that we have today. Sin was transfered to the sacrifice and then into the holy place of the sanctuary, and once a year, atonement was done to cleanse the sanctuary and the sins were ceremoniously transfered to a scape goat azzazzel. So, today, when you confess your sins, they are transfered to the current sacrifice and then into the sanctuary. One day, there will be an "AT ONE MOMENT" when the sanctuary shall be cleansed and the sins transfered to the owner, the goat satan.Satan will then be destroyed together with his sins and there will be total restoration of the human race.Remember Jesus will seperate shhep from goats? Shhep for Jesus and goats for satan!

Then there will be NO MORE SIN AS GOD IS AT ONE MOMENT WITH HIS PEOPLE.God bless you.

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Glenn Hansen


I'm interested in questions regarding the law in the NT. I also like questions about justification, sanctification, the seal of God, and the nature of Christ. I spent many years as a Sabbath keeper and tithe payer. I can also opine on EGW from the perspective of a well read student of her writings.


Former SDA member for ~30 years; graduate of an SDA college. Former community chaplain at "New Folsom" state prison. Spent several years serving the gay community during the AIDS crisis [not gay myself]. Since I have resided in Asia for the past several years, I'm not up on current events in Western SDA lands.


30 years of Bible study, most of it from an SDA perspective. Basic knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, specifically word studies and contribution of the LXX to NT understanding. Extensive study of EGW, ~ fifty of her books read in their entirety.

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