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John wrote at 2012-10-11 18:25:44

I couldn’t agree with you more.  Not only is Sal biased toward any SDA belief he is extremely blatant about it.  He even rejects our health message and as a nutritionist he should definitely know better!

As SDAs we herald the soon return of Jesus and can’t wait for that glorious day when He will come to take us home to live as He originally intended.  But alas Sal and others almost seem to be avoiding that all too significant message.  Instead they focus on how the SDAs are wrong, incorrect, and unbiblical when in actuality we are enthusiastically trying to warn the world that we all need to get ready to meet Jesus.  I can’t imagine why anyone would willing evade that message, but there are many here that do.

And isn’t it interesting how Sal always makes a point to say that SDAs are wrong to assume that when the word ‘commandments’ appears in the Bible that it means the ‘10 commandments’ yet he turns around and does the exact same thing by inserting the words ‘New Covenant’ in front of the word ‘commandments’ in Rev 12:17…

“So what does Revelation 12:17 mean? Its plain meaning is that true Christians are those who keep all the New Covenant commandments and witness to others about Jesus.”

Imagine what Sal could accomplish if he would be as enthusiastic about leading others to Christ as he is with his unproductive attempts to constantly discredit any and all SDA beliefs.   



cyrus ellorin wrote at 2013-11-05 00:49:07
Rev 12:17  And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

There is nothing in Rev.12:17 to indicate that the "remnant of her seed" refers to the universal Christian church. The "commandments of God" never refers  to the 10 commandments as the original Greed word for "commandments" in this verse is "entole" which is the same word used in 25 out of the 30 times it is used in the new testament.  It  is even the same word  used for what is rendered as commandment in John 13:34 which refered to the "new commandment" Jesus said he gave his disciples.

This belief of the "universal church" or the SDA church, as claimed by that group being referred to in this verse is a simple by-product of the erroneous "Replacement Theology" that has been dominating Christianity as started by Augustine in his "The City of God" until the 19th century, which naturally became the "center piece" in the minds of the founders of the SDA church.

The "remnant of her seed" in that verse cannot refer  to any other group but the physical descendants (seed)of physical Israel as the Bible nowhere states that Israel has a spiritual attribute which will result to a "spiritual descendants". In contrast, all who have faith in Jesus automatically becomes the   spiritual descendants (blessed) of Abraham who is the father of the faithful.(Gal. 3:9)

The evil of Replacement Theology is that it has replaced Israel or the Jews with the church being believed to be the one referred to in all the prophecies of the old and new testament , and disregarding the fact that while God punished Israel for its sins, God never intended to permanently leave Israel as His chosen people.

This "remnant of her seed" are the present seed or children of Israel, especially the Jews who the AntiChrist will make ware with as prophesied by Jesus in Mat. 24:15, 16 which the now generation is going to witness.

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