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I am trying to understand some pretty basic issues concerning the Cross of Jesus and the Seventh Day Adventist teaching of the heavenly sanctuary:
When we confess our sins, are our sins literally laid upon Jesus before they are transferred to the heavenly sanctuary?
Does this teach that Jesus is still taking fresh sins upon Himself today in heaven???

Dear Brent:
Thank you very much for your question.if you read entire book of hebrews it ties in the heavenly sanctuary with the one that was built here on earth.colossians 2:17 said that the earthly tabernacle was a shadow of things to come.the earthly tabernacle was a picture of the heavenly.the bible says that christ died once for sins 1 peter 3:18.all sins are forgiven to all men whether they be past,present,or future.when christ was on the cross thats when he took on the sins of the world.he took on the sins of the world once and for all.

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