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Dear Bro: V.Berrios:

Here is a two part question:

1. Are the "Ten Commandments" for christians also or were they just for Israel?


Are there any commandments that are greater than others?

Your Knowledge will be greatly appreciated.May the lord bless you for your service.

Dear sister Melissa:

May the lord bless you as well and thank you very much for your questions.I will answer your second question first,because it will be the shorter of the two,ok!the answer to this question is found in mark chapter you can see a lawyer(scribe)who already knew the answer,because he was a teacher of the law,replied to jesus after he answered the question correctly.the scribe replied:"WELL MASTER,THOU HAST SAID THE TRUTH".verse 28 the scribe asked the lord:"WHICH IS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT OF ALL?". the lord repled:"AND THOU SHALT LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART,AND WITH ALL THY SOUL,AND WITH ALL THY MIND,AND WITH ALL THY STRENGHT".THIS IS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT". we are commanded to love GOD with all of our being(heart,soul,mind,and strenght).and the second commandment is like the first commendment.we are commanded to love our neighbor as love GOD with our all is the GREATEST commandment of to address your first question.there is alot of controversy and debate amongst us today as to whether or not the commandments apply to the church or were they for the israelites until the time of the messiah was fulfilled.first,you should know that the "Ten Commandments" were a part of the law as were THE LAWS OF THE:1.meat offerings. 2.peace offerings. 3.sin offerings. trespass offerings. 4. purification after child birth. 5.cleansing of lepers,and many other laws.GOD chose the levites(the tribe of levi) to be his priest in the old testiment.the priest stood as mediators between GOD and the children of israel the same way that christ stands as mediator today between GOD and all mankind.many a people today do not understand what the apostle paul was talking about when he told the church of colassae,"BLOTTING OUT THE HANDWRITTING OF ORDINANCES THAT WAS AGAINST US,WHICH WAS CONTRARY TO US,AND TOOK IT OUT OF THE WAY,NAILING IT TO THE CROSS"(col 2:14). the commandments were never blotted out,it was the instructions of the priestly commandments on how to properly adminsister to and of the things of GOD.thats why paul told the colossians:"which are a shadow to things to come,but the BODY IS OF CHRIST.the book of hebrews clearly lets us know that the body and blood of lambs and bulls and other animals is no longer used,because:"THE BODY IS OF CHRIST".this is the reason why john the baptist called jesus:"THE LAMB OF GOD".in the old testament,the blood of animals made an "ATONEMENT"(A Covering) of sin once a year. this atonement could never remove sin it could only cover it.john the baptist not only called jesus the lamb of GOD,but john told us what this lamb could do that other animals could not do and that is:" HE TAKETH AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD"(John 1:29).now with that said,what purpose do the commandments serve? in other words,why are the given to us and why should we follow them?they are here because of sin.what is sin?" SIN IS TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW"(1 John 3:4).since sin causes us to be unholy,the commandents teach us and make us holy,that why the apostle paul told the church of Rome that:"[each]commandment is holy and just and good"(Romans 7:12 Amp.Version)and since they are holy and following them make us holy the lord says:"I AM HOLY;THEREFORE,YOU SHALL BE HOLY,FOR I AM HOLY"(Leviticus 11:44-45).this is the reason that the church is to follow the "Ten Commandments".

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