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Hi I have worked in the airport before and am currently going to uni studying for a degree in travel and tourism please help I have recently been baptised actually yesterday and love to work within the travel industry but it would require me to work on sabbath but I don't want to. are there other Adventist who work with airlines or at airports I would love to hear from them. I anxiously await your response. Thank you junita

Hi Junita,

God gave us the Sabbath so that we could spend time with Him. If the president or prime minister were coming to my town and asked for me by name and wanted to visit with me, I would probably set aside that time for the visit. I would not work as I normally did.

The Creator of the universe has set aside time for us each week and wants to visit with us as well. That's why He gave us the gift of the Sabbath. A gift of time.

Many years ago, I went into the office of my commanding officer and told Him that I could no longer work on Sabbath, that it was taking away from my time with God. I do not think it pleased him, nor did I enjoy doing it. But I made it clear to him that the other six days of the week I would be his best worker, that he could count on me to go above and beyond on those days. But on Sabbath, I had to remain committed to God.

It is not an easy thing to do for you perhaps, but I would counsel you to meet with your pastor and ask him/her for help as you make this very important choice. The benefits of a weekly Sabbath will show up very quickly in your life I believe and I think you will look back with confidence that God has led you in the right path.

Blessings, Pastor Marty

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