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1. Who commited the very first sin Adam or Eve?

Dear Rob:

Thank you very much for your question,there is alot to be learned from this simple as the story of creation and the fall of man may seem from first glance,there is alot to analyze on this topic from the word of are a few things to consider.

1.Was the serpent a literal serpent or was this symbolical.
2.Was the fruit a literal fruit,like a banana or apple or was it a fruit like an action or word.
3.Did eve lie to the serpent when she said to the serpent that GOD told them not even to touch the tree,when infact GOD told Adam not to eat of the fruit of the tree,he didn't say not to touch it.
4.THE TREE:Was it a literal tree like a palm or apple tree or was it a symbolical tree.

Now to answer your question,who committed the very fist sin,Adam or Eve?well probably to your surprise,NEITHER!when Adam was created,SIN,was already in existance and already on earth.ISAIAH 14:12,in part states"HOW ART THOU FALLEN FROM HEAVEN,O LUCIFER".the devil was kicked out of heaven for committing the very first sin,BUT,where did he go.our lord is a witness to this event,hear his witness to his 70 diciples,he said" I BEHELD SATAN AS LIGHTNING
FALL FROM HEAVEN"(LUKE 10:18).Genisis chapter 3 tells you where satan went.he was already here on earth.what was the sin of the devil?in 1 TIMOTHY 3:6 paul tells young Timothy that the condemnation of the devil was "PRIDE".read ISAIAH 14:12-23.

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