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QUESTION: who is the mother of harlots in rev. and her daughters.

ANSWER: Revelation, especially chapter 18 describes her as Babylon. If one tries to locate Babylon today, how can that be done? A physical place called Babylon does not exist. In fact, there are texts in the OT that say it will never exist again.

If that is so, then Babylon is a name or term that represents something else, having the characteristics of the old nation of Babylon but in a spiritual sense today.

Take a look at this wikipedia article for a quick summary of the divergent views on this subject.

The Adventist View is an outgrowth of Historicism, take a look at this article as well.

So a quick answer to your question, Babylon at the end of time will be a collection of forces that will enforce the economic embargo against those who do not accept the mark of the beast, they will not be allowed to buy or sell. See Revelation 13, especially the last 4 or 5 verses.

Another way of looking at it is to look at what the combination of government and religion can do when they join forces and attempt to legislate religion. Read through the first 6 chapters of Daniel and you will see attempts on the part of the King (government) to get the Hebrew worthies to bow down and worship(religion) the king. When this doesn't work, the king makes a law against God by outlawing Daniels right to pray to God. Daniel ends up in the Lions den for this.

This is what the end times will be about, a joining of religious forces with state forces on a worldwide scale that will control people or attempt to control people at first with economics and then their very lives.

There are several forces in the world that seem to be in a position to be capable of these far reaching events. The first article from Wikipedia gives you some strong candidates for who is involved.

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QUESTION: seventh day adventist teach that if you worship on sunday you are receiving the mark of the beast.

I don't see a question here but I'll treat it like it is. I don't know any Adventist pastor who says that if you worship on Sunday that you are receiving the mark of the beast. Do you know one?

There are people who worship on other days as well, I don't know any pastor who suggests that they are receiving the mark of the beast. Do you know one?

I'm not saying there are none, I just don't know one, and I know a lot of pastors.

I know a lot of Adventist pastors who teach that we value God's Commands, the Sabbath one is of particular importance of course, we felt it so important we put it in our name, Seventh-day Adventist. I know a lot of pastors who teach that we need to obey God and follow His commands. I know a lot of pastors who share the blessings of Sabbath with others.

I know that a lot of pastors would describe worshiping on Sunday as a alternative to worshiping on Sabbath and that it did not come from God but from man. Adventist pastors as a whole are deeply convicted that the Sabbath is God's gift of time for us and not Sunday.

Will there come a time when worshiping on Sunday is associated with the mark of the beast? I think so. But I don't think a person who goes to church this Sunday is receiving the mark of the beast. If they are in love with Jesus, I think Jesus will clearly teach them and disciple them.

To be fair, you did not say Adventist pastors, but seventh day adventist. And maybe you know an Adventist who teaches what you suggested. Perhaps they were offering a caution or a warning. It is the same teaching I suggested from the book of Daniel. From the speed of your response, I don't know if you had time to read those first six chapters again, but I suggest you take a few minutes and read them for an understanding of what took place back then and bring it forward to today and the near future. That reading will yield the best picture I can offer as to what is involved in the last days, and the mark of the beast.

Force is involved, religion is involved, law is involved, persecution is involved. Church and state are mixed together, a law is made with a supposed religious benefit, and when that doesn't work, a stricter, more targeted law against God is involved and enforced.

Study that for a while and pull out the ingredients that are always involved in the improper marriage of church and state and you will see certain principles that will be involved again at some point.

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