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Could you be able to explain the origin of sin, since I cant fully comprehend that Satan is the author of sin.
My reason being that, in order for Satan to have made the decision to sin, he had to have had the choice of sinning meaning sin was in theory a possibility so it means the potential to sin was always there even before Satan sinned which brings me to the question what is the origin of  sin .A similar example is well played in the scene where Cain wants to kill  the brother and God tells him to overcome the thought .In order for any one to make any decision one must have a choice between 2 or more things so if I was God, in order to give my creatures freedom of choice would need to also create the choices, so I would create evil and good (thoughts) which would mature to some action which is good or evil so meaning I would be the author or the creature of the seeds of evil and good.
I would be happy if you would share your thoughts on this topic.

Daniel, that is certainly a thought-provoking question.

Ellen White wrote on this subject:

It is impossible to explain the origin of sin so as to give a reason for its existence. Yet enough may be understood concerning both the origin and the final disposition of sin to make fully manifest the justice and benevolence of God in all His dealings with evil. Nothing is more plainly taught in Scripture than that God was in no wise responsible for the entrance of sin; that there was no arbitrary withdrawal of divine grace, no deficiency in the divine government, that gave occasion for the uprising of rebellion. Sin is an intruder, for whose presence no reason can be given. It is mysterious, unaccountable; to excuse it is to defend it. Could excuse for it be found, or cause be shown for its existence, it would cease to be sin. Our only definition of sin is that given in the word of God; it is "the transgression of the law;" it is the outworking of a principle at war with the great law of love which is the foundation of the divine government.  {GC 492.2}

I believe she is referring to explaining sin in such a way that it justifies it as a choice. You alluded to CHOICE in your question, and I believe that is the crux of the matter. Free moral choice requires having the potential to say "no" to God as well as to say "yes" to Him. However, this does not give any justification for the creature--either angel or human being--to have chosen against God, when God has done everything for the creature's well-being.

God bless.

Kevin L. Morgan

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