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gud eve.happy sabbath too.sory f i hve lot of questions.but tnx for ur i watch on the interndt,i noticed that some adventist wear earings,rings.etc.and this bothered me becoz as i read n the bible that we are not alwed to...some heritage and gaither singers.are they adventist?and even my frends when they are in canada they get married there and they have rings.tnx

Hello Gena, hope all is well with you.  There are always questions about jewelry and there is disagreement even among Adventists.  First off, I am not sure that all the heritage singers are SDA's.  I don't think that it is a requirement that you be an Adventist to be one of the singers.  But anyway, I understand that some Adventists are offended when they see fellow Adventists wearing jewelry but that should not be anyone's concern except the person wearing the jewelry and the Lord.  You know Gena that when Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son the first thing the servant did when he found her was put earrings in her ears and bracelets on her Genesis 24:30.  Even Jesus when He told the story of the prodigal son said that when the son returned his father put a robe on him and a ring on his hand Luke 15:22.  This was the custom of the times and there was nothing wrong with it.  The problem arises when you make a god of this jewelry and wear it to show off or attract attention to yourself.  1Peter 3:3 instructs the woman not to adorn themselves with gold and jewelry and fancy apparel but to be meek and have a quiet spirit.  The whole point is this.  Anything you put before God is sin.  If you like your rings and bracelets and necklaces more than God than it is wrong.  I feel that the wearing of jewelry is between you and the Lord.  If you are in doubt then talk it over with the Lord and He will direct you.   Wearing jewelry can be right or it can be wrong.  It depends on the person.  Let me give you some examples.  I knew this woman who wore a necklace and locket.  In it was a picture of her dead mother which she wore in remembrance.  If you didn't know you would look at the woman and criticize her for wearing a silver decoration.  She didn't wear it to be showy or attract attention but to keep her love and memory of her mother alive.  I knew another woman who would wear her wedding ring.  She was quite attractive and did not wear it to show off but because she didn't want other men to flirt with her or ask her out on dates.  She wanted it to be perfectly clear that she was married.  Do you wear a watch?  I've heard some people say that it is okay to wear a watch because they don't consider it jewelry and that it serves a purpose.  But can you justify that when the watch you are wearing is a $5,000 Rolex studded with diamonds?  You see Gena, it all depends on your attitude and your reasons.  You can do the right thing for the wrong reason and the wrong thing for the right reason.  We cannot read a person's mind or know the motives behind what they do.  Only the Lord can and He is the One that justifies or condemns.  This is why we should not be so quick to judge someone if we see them wearing something.  It may be their custom, it may be a sentimental reason, it might be to remind them of something, etc.  This is between the person and the Lord.  I'm just thankful that wearing a wedding ring, or bracelet or chain and locket is not something that is critical to our salvation.  I'm sure that there will be plenty of people in heaven that wore a wedding ring or locket and plenty not in heaven that never wore jewelry.  Please don't be disturbed if you see someone wearing a pin or piece of jewelry or necklace.  We may not know everything that is involved or the history of that piece of jewelry.  This is why if we are in doubt about something then we should talk it over with the Lord because He will impress you on what you should do.  A good rule of thumb is to follow Paul's advice in 1 Corinthians 10:31 "whether you eat or drink or what soever you do, do all to the glory of God."  Thanks for sharing your concerns, anthony  

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