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Ovadiah wrote at 2013-01-25 13:59:08
Real Jews are those who accept upon themselves the yoke of Torah given at Sinai. Our faith is based upon our redemption from Egypt, our revelation at Sinai, our eternal relationship with HaShem (typified by the Holy Land) and His providence over His people Israel (as celebrated during Sukkot/tabernacles). Replacement theology is from the pit of hell and anyone who believes in it is sorely misguided (see Exodus 6:7). Rejection of the Christian messiah is one place we got it right and kept/keep the covenant. Even if your premise was true it would not make sense spiritually or intellectually: did those who rejected David as their king (there had to be many given his sins in the Bathsheba case) loose their citizenship in Israel or their covenant with G-d? Of course not. Messiah is not the mainstay of our faith as it is with Christianity. The messianic hope is a article of faith to be believed in but it does not define us. There is an old adage that says "if you are planting trees when you hear the messiah has come, first plant your saplings and then go and greet him". Shalom!

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