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hi sir..
well my question is about flow spilled on floor. iam new to sda and iam following it deeply because thats what my heart says. i read in bible leviticus 15:16, that its a sin if a man's seed goes out from him he is unclean till evening. i stopped fearing god. but what about night emissions? i stopped all evil activities i started obeying god and i feel iam clean, but things like ight emissions make me feel that the relationship between me and god is broken again for i have committed a sin.i dun think anythin evil sexually in any form but how can i stop nocturnal emissions?will god deny me if this continues? also what about married couples? if the couple is always into sexual relations with each other, does that mean that they are unclean always and committing sin except on sabbath day?iam really confused please help me out here for i feel god will deny me he would stop talkin to me he would ignore, i dont want this to happen.i pray all the time and i confess everything to him.he also answers me through other people or other ways.please help me. i read ellen g white's writings too on masturbation topic now iam scared.

Dear Raj:

Stop reading Ellen White on masturbation. Her ideas were popular among many people back in her time. But since "the dark ages" we have learned much more about human sexuality. Things that she and those of her time were unaware of. We now know that masturbation is natural and healthy. It does not cause death! “Many sink into an early grave,” EGW wrote. “Some of nature’s fine machinery gives way…and death is the result” (Solemn Appeal, p. 63 [1870]). She warned, “Self-abuse (masturbation) is killing thousands and tens of thousands” (Manuscript Releases, vol. 5, p. 396 [Letter to Dr. & Sister Lay, February 13, 1870]). Besides death EGW also taught that masturbation caused mental illness; blindness; cancer; catarrh; dropsy; headache; insanity; kidney, liver, and lung disease; poor memory; rheumatism; spinal problems; neuralgia; nervous system damage (a list is given by EGW in Appeal to Mothers, pp. 25 & 27 [1864]). As far as night emissions go do not be worried you are doing nothing wrong. You cannot control their occurrence, therefore you should not feel guilty.

I did not understand you question about married couples. Married couples do not sin nor are they unclean when they have sexual relations.

Your questions and concerns highlight the legalism inherent in SDAism and it system of theology. My advice to you is to seek a less legalistic church.

Have a Blessed Day,
Brother Sal  

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