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Dear Sal:

What do you think about the allegations that the EGWhite Estate is hiding some of EGW's writings that are not favorable to current SDA teachings? Perhaps some of these hidden writings contain materials that put EGW in an embarrassing or bad light. What have you discovered on this topic?

Thanks for all you do.

Your Friend,

Dear Brother Benjamin:

I donít know much about this controversy. I havenít spent much energy on it. I have read some things about it both pro and con. I havenít formed any firm opinion on the subject. I once did accept that it was true, but I no longer hold that opinion. We have enough of EGWís writings available to us to study. Of what consequence could what is supposedly suppressed be to the evaluation of EGW? Could what is suppressed change the false prophecies, the plagiarism, the additions to the Bible, and the contradictions of the Bible that are so evident in the released writings of EGW? Our evaluation of EGW should be based on the available writings not on speculation about what some of the supposedly hidden writings may or may not contain.

Thank you for the question my friend. Have a happy & healthy New Year.

Brother Sal  

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I am privileged to be able to offer an alternative insight into the complicated world of Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) theology. I will rely heavily on the Bible, but will also consider history and use logic in exposing deficiencies in SDA teachings. I would ask anyone who is considering becoming a SDA or if you are already in the SDA church, but are searching for the truth, to please allow me to offer a different explanation for the claims of the SDA. Remember : "The truth will set you free" (John 8:32). I can answer your questions pertaining to the beliefs and history of the SDA. I am not able to answer questions concerning spirituality or church discipline.


I have extensively studied the theology of the Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) for a number of years. I have many books and tape sets produced by experts in this field of study. I have debated current members of the SDA church. I have a great desire to help these people see the truth.

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