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Hi Sal, Is the Catholic Church interested in controlling the world again as Seventh-day Adventists have been preaching for many years?
To bring about a Sunday law which would have to have (here in America) either a changing of the Constitution or disregarding it altogether? Is this their aim? If so, can they be trusted today with such power?

Thank you, Dave

Dear Brother Dave:

The SDA Church has never been correct about the National Sunday Law. In the early days of this theory Ellen G. White had some possibility of being correct about Sunday being enacted as the national day of worship. However, she was never right about the persecution even unto death of sabbatarians.

I cannot speak for the Catholic Church hierarchy and what designs they may have. I can say that I have heard many Catholic priests preach and have never heard even one sermon about world or even national dominance. The Catholic Church has even publically apologized for past wrongs including persecution of those who disagreed with her. So itís rather unlikely that she would now turn around and severely persecute sabbatarians.

I would like to point out that the Catholic Church cannot even get its own adherents to worship on Sunday! Most Catholics do not regularly attend worship services. The idea that the Catholic Church could enforce Sunday worship in the U.S. is a fantasy of extremely prejudiced minds. The U.S. government is not particularly friendly to the Catholic Church. Even government officials who are Catholics are, for the most part, only Catholic in name.

I would be remiss if I didnít mention that there are Christians that do support a National Sunday Law for the U.S. However, persecuting Sabbath-keepers is not part of their goals.

The very idea that the U.S. would persecute Sabbath-keepers, arrest them, and even execute them is completely ridiculous. A National Sunday Law will never be enacted in the U.S.

One may say what if Protestant Churches were to join the Catholic Church in the quest for a National Sunday Law would they then be powerful enough to force the U.S. to accept Sunday as a national day of worship? I believe that the answer to that is absolutely no. We have the abortion issue to look at as a predictor of what would happen is such a case. The Catholic Church and Protestant Churches have been working together against abortion for years and still millions of babies are murdered through abortion each year in the U.S. Abortion is an issue that many Catholics and Protestants are very concerned with and yet they cannot force the U.S. to change its policy promoting abortion. What chance do you think they would have of forcing a policy change to support Sunday worship and persecution of sabbatarians? The Sabbath/Sunday controversy is not one that most Christians are concerned with. So there would not be much support among Christians for such a law. Don't forget that persecuting sabbatarians is a big part of Ellen White and the SDA Church's theory.  

Thanks for the question.

God Be With You,
Brother Sal  

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