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Are their a group of Adventist's taking the gospel to the Jewish people in America and Israel. A friend was asking, why doesn't the SDA Church talk about saving Israel? What is going to happen in the last days with Israel?

Dear Denny:

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I'm sure there are many "Adventist" groups taking the gospel all around the world. But,please let me caution you on this one matter. It is about Jesus and the gospel of salvation. It is not about the Adventist,Baptist,Catholics,etc. There is no salvation in the denominations of: Adventism or Baptistism or Catholicism. When I say that I am a "Seventh day-Adventist", I, say this, as profession of what is declared in the word, not as a denomination. We are commanded to keep the Seventh-Day holy. This is the fourth commandment found in the "Ten-Commandments".(Ex.20:9-11;Deut.5:12-14. And the word: "Advent" simply means: "return" and the word speaks about the 2nd return of Christ our Lord. (1st Thess. 4:13-18; Rev.1:7). When I say that I'm a "Seventh Day-Adventist" I'm simply saying that I belive in keeping the Sabbath-Day holy unto GOD and that I look forward to the second coming of Christ.

Now, there are two types of Jews, which are: The "physical" Israel and the "spiritual" Israel. To be born of Jewish blood and not to believe in the Messiah does no one of Jewish blood any good. (John 8:33-44.) Please read the entire chapter of John 8. And then, there is the spiritual Israel which the Israel of GOD. The name Israel means:" Prince with GOD". Those who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior are the Princes with GOD who are going to Live with the Father and the Lamb for eternity on the new Earth in the New Jerusalem. Who is a real Jew? please read (Romans 2:28-29). Now, with this correct view in mind, you can see that the Real Jew is getting the word of GOD and Jews are being saved every day. May the Lord bless you.

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