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Plain and simple: What celebrations (aka holidays) do Seventh-Day Adventists celebrate or take part in? I know they don't celebrate Halloween since it is pagan but what about Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving or anything else? I really want to know since I consider myself a SDA but am unsure on the celebrations/holidays we take part in.

Melissa, thank you for your question

In addition to celebrating the weekly seventh-day Sabbath, which was sanctified by God at the creation, Seventh-day Adventists generally celebrate the Incarnation of Christ at Christmas (knowing that Christ was likely not born in December). They also celebrate birthdays, and, in America, the fall day of Thanksgiving. Easter is a bit of a problem because any acknowledgement of the death of Christ on the Sabbath is technically not celebrating Easter as other Christians celebrate it. Seventh-day Adventists do not have sunrise vigils on Easter Sunday.

A much smaller group of Seventh-day Adventists choose not to celebrate Christmas and Easter because of the pagan elements that are part of their historical legacy, but rather celebrate an approximation of the festivals of Israel in the spring and fall. I say "an approximation" because they do not follow the biblical specifications of going to Jerusalem or sacrificing animals (Deut. 16:16; Exod. 12:3-20). Yet, because they see these celebrations as calling to mind the great events in biblical history that they symbolize, they hold religious remembrances on the days corresponding to the date on the Hebrew calendar.

I hope this answer is helpful to you.

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