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my name is Esso I am from cameroon ,im very much interested in your forum thought im
not memeber but enjoying reading it.i have a question that disturb me.
Is there any other denomination who share the SDA understanding of a special
resurrection of some wicked prior to the second coming. If there are please can you
please help me with bibliographical references from those author if not where does
the idea comes from? is it EG white purely understanding?or some SDA pioneers idea?
thank you God bless you

Hi Esso,

I believe you are talking about how some wicked will be raised at the time then Jesus returns for the second time?

I am not sure if there are any other denominations who believe this...but it comes directly from the Bible.

If you read Rev 1:7 you will see a "special" resurrection of those who "pierced Him" specifically. This is the only special resurrection of the wicked to my knowledge.

Please let me know if this is what you are talking about.

God bless!!


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