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QUESTION: Hi Dennis,
   Thank you in advance for responding to my email. I have experience with the SDA health system through a SDA lady who helped me with my mom, who had alzheimers. Together we visited a life style center in Tennesse.  Now I have a health condition which I would like to see through the eyes of a SDA health practitioner. I am hoping that your experience with the church will guide me to such a person. I would really like a SDA point of view on my health issue.
Do you know such a person or perhaps the librarian at a SDA educational agency who might put me in touch with a SDA mentor?
God Bless You,

ANSWER: Hello Kenneth.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you need.  You said "mentor" above and also spoke of "SDA Health Practitioner" and "SDA Health System"...  Are you wanting someone more mainline SDA medical facility who uses pretty much the same methods of the other worldly medical facilities or are you wanting a lifestyle center advocate who uses natural means of healing?


Whichever you choose, I could only really recommend the natural ones as I have no faith or trust in the medical institutions who use the same pharmaceuticals as the others and same medical practices.  I prefer Danny Vierra from Modern Manna Ministries, or Dr. Michael Casey who both practice out of California.  There is also Uchee Pines which is headed up by Agatha Thrash and other good supporting healing folks who are quite knowledgable.  There are others as well, like Weimar and several I am not remembering at the moment.  If you need someone closer to where you live, please let me know so I can be of more help.

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QUESTION: Hi Dennis, Yes, I am interested in natural healing and I would like to talk to someone who is familiar with the Seventh day Adventist manner of dealing with illness. Really anyone like yourself who answers questions on "all experts" about the Seventh Day Adventist medical protocol for different illness would be a great help to me.

Well, I didn't realize I hadn't answered your follow up...  I think there is Wildwood Lifestyle Center:

Here is another I found

I don't know a lot about these.  You will have to explore on your own.  Sorry, but if they are using God's healing methods there should really be no problem.


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