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Of course S.D. Adventism has been on the wrong side of women's ordination for decades (although there is a new gender inclusive progressive movement). But it has recently come to my attention that my church, that claims to have THE Truth, is all wrong when it comes to ordination in general, period.

Does our misunderstanding of Ordination account for why churches, in general, have become institutions and not churches?

The SDA church, of which I am still a member, is divided and confused about many things, including Women’s Ordination.   For example, they are also wrong about how they are organized and how they practice the Lord’s Supper.  They are even wrong about the doctrine of the Sabbath, which is their primary teaching.  

Who knew there were so many errors within modern Adventism?  There is a very long list of mistakes that must be corrected, including what they teach about eschatology and how the world will end.  

Why are there so many errors within the SDA church today?

Answer:  Because the SDA’s have not been honest about the Gospel or church history.  The leaders today are not looking to follow Gospel Truth, but to build an Empire for them to manage and control.  This is why they have also created a tithe based, anti-Gospel system that silences freedom of speech and prevents correction and reform.  

More than that, the Adventists have embraced a false Gospel, one that comes with legions of false doctrines, myths, and errors.  And they refuse to repent and reform.  They refuse correction, just like the Jews that also rejected the Gospel.  This is why so many millions have left.

The Gospel is not an institutional doctrine, but a very personal and individual one.  We are all saved individually, not in groups or because of any denomination.

Rom. 12:5 so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

1Cor. 12:11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.

1Cor. 12:27  Now you are Christ’s body, and individually members of it.

We are each saved “individually,” by Christ, not by the SDA’s or by any organization.  And we will all have to stand and give an account for what we believe and why.

2Cor. 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.

Rom. 14:10  But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.

The present configuration of the SDA church is modeled after the Old Covenant, not the NC.  This is why they tithe, pretending that the Pastors are Levites, with the people subordinate to this ruling class.  

This is also why they think a woman cannot be an ordained pastor, because no Levite Priest could be female.

Such OC thinking is wrong; against the Gospel and the teachings of Christ.  

There can be no top down hierarchy in the church, much less an elite, priestly male class that is paid by the tithe from a lower class.  

All are equal in the church; all are priests of God, both men and women.  There can be no tithing, much less any doctrine that treats women as second-class members of the kingdom of God.

Those today that claim a woman cannot be ordained, are following the Old Covenant law where it was against the law for any woman to be a priest.  These legalistic and sexists minded types also embrace tithing, which is another false doctrine closely related to the women’s ordination issue.  Thus there is systemic and fundamental error within confused Adventism that must be corrected.  They do not understand the NC correctly.


Women's Ordination

Today, the SDA church is self-destructing for a reason.  Millions and millions of baptized members have left, mostly since 1980, and millions more will leave.  Adventism is dying right in front of our eyes, and for good reason.

“Glacier View, Results In: Millions Leave SDA Church”

The leaders have long ago rejected the Gospel, as well as the Protestant fundamentals of the Advent Movement.  They have created an unholy system to control, mislead, and extort the people, and now the entire sham is being exposed for all to see.

The error relating to women’s ordination is only symptomatic of the systemic doctrinal failure of modern Adventism.  

If the SDA’s understood the “Priesthood of All Believers,” they would repudiate their absurd OC views about church organization, tithe, and women’s ordination.  Which is what they must do anyway, if they want to survive.

The Adventist Community needs Gospel Reform in the worst way.  The present course is not sustainable or correct.  

It is time for Old Covenant, institutionalized, hierarchical, Adventism to be removed.  Replaced with a New Covenant, congregational based denomination that repudiates tithe, and a top down hierarchy, as well as many other serious errors.  

It is time for the local churches to keep all their resources for the benefit of the members.   Even as it is time for those that lead, - to serve, and not be served.

It is time for the Adventist Community to embrace the Gospel with both hands, including the active and reformed NC Sabbath of Christ, which is the true Sabbath of Christ.

It is time for NC Adventism, where all are equal, priests of God.

I hope this helps,

Tom Norris for All Experts.Com & Adventist Reform

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I can answer most any question about church history and theology, starting from 1818 when William Miller articulated the 1st Angels Message that became the foundation of the Adventist Movement. While this first prophetic message terminated in the spring of 1844, it was followed by what Adventists refer to as the 2nd Angels Message, which dates from the spring of 1844 until the great disappointment of October 22, 1844. By 1847, the 3rd Angels Message had been developed and this Sabbatarian theology represents the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Moreover, I can explain the historical and theological development of the SDA denomination from its beginning and on through the great Battle Creek schism that forced the SDA's to retreat to Takoma Park. Here the 20th century church recovered from their internal battles that had erupted at the 1888 General Conference in Minneapolis over the definition of the law and the Gospel. Fearing another repeat of this disaster, President Daniels, determined to hide this debate. However, this policy led to more conflict, especially over the role and authority of Ellen White, a unique and accomplished religious writer that had remarkable spiritual gifts. However, by the decade of the 1970`s, the church once again erupted into debate. The hierarchy settled the turmoil in 1980 with the trial of Dr. Desmond Ford at Glacier View. Here Dr. Ford was exiled because he supposedly disagreed with Ellen White over the Fundamentals. But this controversial action resulted in another major schism that is still in progress today.


Tom Norris was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist in Takoma Park, Md. He attended SDA grade and High schools, moving on to study Adventist theology at Columbia Union College. He also spent significant time conducting independent research in the General Conference Archives and the Ellen G. White Estate. Over the years he has also interviewed a number of prominent Adventist scholars, theologians, and Pastors ranging from the late Arthur White to the exiled Dr. Desmond Ford. In addition, he has amassed a large private library, which includes numerous rare books and manuscripts about Adventist theology and history. He is presently the online editor of Adventist Reform, and can be found at Adventist for Tomorrow answering questions online about SDA theology and history as well as promoting Adventist Reform.

Tom Norris attended SDA grade and High schools, moving on to study Adventist theology at Columbia Union College. He also spent significant time conducting independent research in the General Conference Archives and the Ellen G. White Estate.

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