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Tom Norris is currently unavailable but he states:

" independent researcher by the name of Tom Norris received permission to go where no critics had ever been allowed."

My question is: What makes Tom Norris "independent"? Was he not an SDA when given permission?

The reason for the question is this:

I have thoroughly enjoyed and been enlightened by the revelations of the White Estate made plain and open by Tom Norris. I have been very disappointed by his exposition of Sabbath keeping and SDA, in his words, "brainwashing" regarding Sabbath as a day of rest.  Consequently, I am trying to understand where he is coming from. Tom speaks of SDA's as if he isn't one. I know he is a proponent of a Reform SDA movement.  I suppose my question is Why was Tom Norris given access to the EGW documents?

I know that the best person to ask is Tom Norris himself, as he is unavailable I thought I would seek an answer any way I possibly can. If you are unable to answer could you get Tom to answer these two questions please.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Brother Carlton:

It is best for you to simply wait until Mr. Norris is available to answer you. i don't know the details as to why he was granted permission to view EGW documents at the White Estate. Mr. Norris was and is a member of the SDA Church. Perhaps he was considered an independent researcher because he was not working for or representing any organization.

I also am enlightened by Mr. Norris' answers. I enjoy reading them because he thinks very clearly and expresses himself very well. He is by my estimation very brave to take the stands that he does and still be an SDA. He is very active in the Adventist Reform Movement.

Again, please be patient with Mr. Norris I'm sure he will be available to answer your questions soon.

Best Wishes,
Brother Sal  

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