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Isac wrote at 2013-11-19 16:06:28
With the doe respect for your vast knowledge.

The vast number of words used in that explanation,

shows dedication of an analytic mind engaged on

finding a complex answer to a simple fact. His own

explanation mentions Jesus talking about hell. That

should be the end of the answer. Meaning, yes hell

is one of two places where people go to, after they

die. The other part of the long answer is about the

direct transition to hell, immediately, after death. It

is obvious that when we say that according to the

Bible the unsaved person goes to hell, after death,

we are stating a biblical fact. We are not specifying

the time the fire of hell comes because the relevancy

is to do right before dieing to avoid hell after death.

The other thing is we should not manipulate parables

because it is already interpretative. The body parts

in Jesus’ parable calls for wisdom of being objective

in doing the right thing. It should not be used to imply

that hell doesn’t exist, short or long, hell is hell.

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