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Since the very first time I stumbled upon this website the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me a sincere desire to bring to light the misrepresentations that some of the ‘experts’ promote in their answers to the unwary about SDA beliefs.  During that time I have done my best to encourage those who have chosen to follow the advice of mere mortals to study the Bible and the Bible only for their answers.  To that end I would like to share an excerpt from website that sums up precisely what I sincerely believe is happening here…

“It is plain that the false Christianity of the last days will deceive people into thinking that they may disobey God, and yet have salvation. The commandments of men will be exalted to the place where they are obeyed ABOVE the commandments of God. The whole world will be deceived, because they have put their trust in these false shepherds. They have come to believe that they are God’s servants because they use the name of Christ; because they are gifted speakers; because they are "educated" men; because they are highly regarded by the world. Therefore, when they present an idea which is contrary to God’s word, the whole world will accept it, because the world regards them as the servants of God. They will reject God’s commands and choose the traditions of men (Mark 7:9).
Friends, I am talking about your minister, your church leader; the principal religious men of your denomination. I beg of you in God’s name, do not put your trust in these men (Jer.17:5). Take heed to the warnings of God’s word. These men who are seeking popularity and power, who have been trained in the schools and the ways of the world, can never think in the ways of Christ.
Study the word of God and obey it. This is your ONLY SAFETY.  Ask God for wisdom, as you study, and then OBEY!!  Let no man take your crown (Rev.3:11).  God Himself will be your teacher (John 16:13; Jer.31:34).
I trust that you are one of the elect who will be saved from the greatest deception of these last days.”

Finding this tract and being able to share it with the AllExperts readers has not only been an answer to prayer but a reassurance to me that God’s Holy Spirit does indeed lead us if we let Him!!  
I also believe that the religious prejudice and spiritual bullying that these non-SDA ‘experts’ and their cheerleaders so zealously endorse is proof positive that Satan knows his time is short and is doing anything he can to keep the focus off his myriad of deceptions.  What else would explain their provocation to paint the SDAs as a misguided, deceived cult who are under some imaginary ‘burden’ just because we respect God’s 10 Commandment Law and choose to remember His Sabbath Day?  As fellow Christians shouldn’t they respect our right to believe as we wish?  And rather than wasting their efforts trying to convince anyone who will listen that our beliefs are wrong, wouldn’t leading the unsaved to Jesus be a better use of their time?  
I would be interested your views on this.

Hi John,

The NON-SDA experts listed under the Seventh-Day Adventist title for the most part state that they are not SDA from the jump. This group we really should not have an issue with. They have chosen thier path and have made it clear. Those who ask them questions are looking for answers that the Bible does not provide and as such they 2 Timothy 4:3 "will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;". Then there are those who think that they are actually preaching SDA doctrine yet quite simply are teaching error mixed with truth. This is where things get muddled. I always push people towards the Bible to research what I have stated, and prove to themselves what is indeed the truth. We ALL must be as the Bereans (Acts 17:10-12) and search out "wheather these things are true" that is presented to us. It is only through prayer and prayerful study that the truth is revealed...if you do not do such things and depend soley upon the words of a man sooner rather than later, you will be lost and lead astray.

God be with you John!

Continue in the Lord, and keep the faith.


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