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Did Jesus keep the Sabbath because he was a Jew or because he was Lord of the Sabbath?

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In accordance to Luke 4:16, It was His "custom" to attend the synagogue on the Sabbath. Some think that when the Bible states His "custom" it refers to His "Jewish Tradition" yet...the Greek simply means, "what He was used to" (Strongs 1486). The scripture leads us to believe that Jesus was indeed of Jewish decent and identified with the Jewish people. It is my interpretation of the verse that in Luke 4:16, He honored the Sabbath out of His personal custom rather than tradition. I guess my point is that He followed it becuase He wanted to, not because He was commanded to by the Torah.

He also followed the Sabbath because He created it. Colossians 1:16 - Jesus is our creator, He is the very One who rested on the seventh day thus creating a memorial and an example for us.

Part of His ministry here on earth was to explain to us what the Sabbath was really about, and how it is to actually be followed. He needed to put back the correct meaning, and rebuke the Rabbi's for making the Sabbath a burden for everyone with all their added "rules and regulations".

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