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i have had an argument with my friends regarding word/s meaning in isaiah 53 that there was no comeliness and beauty about jesus's does not matter for me whether jesus was ugly or not because He has given me eternal life and i believe He is what He claims in the bible my saviour and God.

Hi Past,

Very funny question. I believe that the interpretation of this particular chapter is not about being ugly...but rather NOT being super good looking. This being the case He would simply blend in with the rest of us "regular looking" folk. Women would not look at Him in a lustful manner and men would not feel "threatened" by His presence. The key being that you would follow Christ not because of His outward appearance, but because of what He states and what He stands for. In our secular world as well we place alot of stake on looks and vanity...He was a rebuke to this way of thinking, and also many once again were looking for someone who would stand out and claim the Roman throne during this time. If you remember the story of Saul and David, Saul was hansom and strong on the outward appearance and as such the people wanted him to be king. God chose David, whom on the inside had a much stronger faith, yet on the outside was just a scrawny kid.

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