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Seventh-Day Adventists/Ok to eat unclean meat? Additional information for my Christian Brother and fellow SDA Raj…



Since Patricia has disabled the Add to this Answer link I have no other way to make sure Raj is receiving all the facts surrounding this controversial issue.

Regarding her recent answer to Raj saying that it is now ok for Christians to consume unclean meats, I would invite Raj (or anyone seeking the truth on this subject) to review the following websites.  They provide an entirely different yet totally Biblical alternative to the claims that Patricia makes…

Why anyone would want to consume the flesh of unclean animals is beyond my comprehension.  God did not change their eating habits or their physiology after the resurrection did He?  They are still the exactly the same as when He created them.  Pigs and lobsters are still scavengers eating almost anything.  So are vultures and insects, yet some Christians see nothing wrong with eating them.  I just can’t understand how anyone with even the most basic understanding of nutrition (or logic) would even consider them as food.

Raj… it is dangerous to regard the opinions of others as fact (not that I am saying that you are) so please be careful when seeking the advice of the non-SDA ‘experts’ on this site.  The ONLY way you can be assured of God’s truth is to study the Bible yourself and prayerfully seek out the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your study.  By accepting the mere opinions of others to be the truth we are opening the door to all the deceptions Satan can assemble.



Hi John,

I have not been to all the websites you mentioned but the one I went to was interesting.

People seldom recognize the importance of diet and how it can directly affect our salvation.

May God continue to be with us in all things, wheather that issue is large or small in our own mind.

God bess!


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