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QUESTION: hello allen am Raj from india...
iam new to sda... myt question is about laws of clean and unclean in sex...
is masturbation,oralsex,sex during periods a sin? people must avoid?
can a Married couple enjoy sex lives as per their desires?
what does bible say about it What God says about it?

ANSWER: Hello Raj,

Thank you for your questions.

While I am by no means an authority on this subject, I do believe that what happens between a married man and woman in their bed is between them as long as there is mutual respect and agreement.

Following is an article that addresses your concerns that I thought might be helpful.

I am aware that the SDA church can be very invasive regarding every aspect of a person's life (and one of the big topics is if a person should even have sex on sabbath) but it doesn't make their suggestions and/or arguments biblical.

God bless.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you patricia for the answer... the link u mentioned says that after the crucification of jeaus those laws are no longer applicable... they say we can eat all animals to our desires, like pork n all... the link says so... are those laws vanished? Why was those laws given? And I know its unclean having bodily discharge... to become clean the blood sacrificial part is not applicable today rite? What abt the laws? Its not a sin bein unclean or is it a sin?

Hi Raj,

I am happy that the article was beneficial.

Regarding your follow-up questions:

You wrote, "the link u mentioned says that after the crucification of jeaus those laws are no longer applicable... they say we can eat all animals to our desires, like pork n all... the link says so... are those laws vanished?

My response:

Yes, those laws are no longer in effect.

God chose the Israelites to be His special people and/or treasure fulfilling a promise He made to Abraham.

Deuteronomy 26:16-19 (NASB77)
16  "This day the LORD your God commands you to do these statutes and ordinances. You shall therefore be careful to do them with all your heart and with all your soul.
17  " You have today declared the LORD to be your God, and that you would walk in His ways and keep His statutes, His commandments and His ordinances, and listen to His voice.
18  "And the LORD has today declared you to be His people, a treasured possession, as He promised you, and that you should keep all His commandments;
19  and that He shall set you high above all nations which He has made, for praise, fame, and honor; and that you shall be a consecrated people to the LORD your God, as He has spoken.

Please take note that He is speaking to the Israelites only. The law was given to set the Israelites apart from the rest of the world as His chosen people. It wasn't because of anything they had done to earn His favor, it was because as God, it was His royal right to choose whomever He chose. The promise began with Abraham. He called Abraham and promised to make him a father of nations and a huge inheritance of property.

Exodus 19:4-6 (NIV)
4  'You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself.
5  Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine,
6  you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.' These are the words you are to speak to the Israelites."

God's commandments, decrees, ordinances and statutes were all included in the Torah (613 commands), which included the Ten Commandments, as well as the rules regarding animal sacrifices, 7th day sabbath keeping, clean and unclean meats, etc.

All of these laws pointed to Jesus, Who would come in human flesh to fulfill the law. When Jesus came, He was the unblemished Lamb whose blood was spilled for believers' past, present and future sins. Notice what the Bible says in Matthew 5:17-18....

Matthew 5:17-18 (KJV)
17  Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil .
18  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled .

Jesus said that not one jot or tittle of the law and prophets shall pass from the law UNTIL ALL is fulfilled. Jesus fulfilled the entire law (commandments, decrees, ordinances, statutes) when He shed His blood and died on the cross. They were all nailed to the cross (animal sacrifices, eating only certain foods, tithing, 7th day sabbath keeping, etc.). These laws were given to the Israelites only. Gentiles (non-Jews) were never under the law of Israel.

Ephesians 2:11-13 (NIV)
11  Therefore, remember that formerly you who are Gentiles by birth and called "uncircumcised" by those who call themselves "the circumcision" (that done in the body by the hands of men)--
12  remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world.
13  But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.

When Jesus rose from the grave, the wall that separated Jews and Gentiles was torn down and all things were leveled at the foot of the cross. The Old Covenant had been fulfilled and nailed to the cross and the New Covenant was now effective for all believers (not just Israelites and Jews).

I left the SDA church after I understood the differences between the Old and New Covenants. Bottom line, SDAs operate under the Old Covenant, the covenant given to Israel and Israel alone. According to the Bible, the words of the covenant to Israel was the Ten Commandments.

Exodus 34:27-28 (NIV)
27  Then the LORD said to Moses, "Write down these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel ."
28  Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant--the Ten Commandments .

Believers (both Jews and Gentiles) are not under the Old Covenant law that initially applied to Israel. SDAs believe when Jesus died on the cross, that Israel as a nation no longer exists and they (SDAs)have become spiritual or modern Israel. You will not find that declaration anywhere in the Bible. Israel and the church are two different entities. Israel as a nation is very much alive and God has special plans for her. SDAs live under the Old Covenant, a covenant that does not apply to them and this explains why they believe and teach that its members can't eat unclean food, they have to tithe and attend church on the 7th day, etc. Those laws (for Israel) are no more and all food under the New Covenant is considered good, tithing is no more because it was given to take care of the Levites who took care of the temple, and our Sabbath rest is in a Person, Jesus, every day and not just one in seven.

Romans 14:13-14 (NIV)
13  Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way.
14  As one who is in the Lord Jesus, I am fully convinced that no food is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for him it is unclean.

Romans 14:20-21 (NIV)
20  Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean , but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble.
21  It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall.

Romans 14:5-8 (NIV)
5  One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.
6  He who regards one day as special, does so to the Lord. He who eats meat, eats to the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and he who abstains, does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God.
7  For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone.
8  If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Under the New Covenant, believers are led by the Spirit, not by the law. We are free to be, do and go as the Spirit leads. Notice that Paul said that all food is clean and we are free to partake of it as long as we are not offending or causing a weaker brother to stumble. The weaker brother might be convicted that is is wrong, but sees another believer eating it and violates his conscious be eating it also. The stronger brother should refrain from eating what the weaker brother considers to be unclean in the weaker brother's presence.

Paul also said that we are free to abide by our conscious regarding days because some consider one day more sacred than another while others consider all days alike. We are not to judge each other about days of worship because we are accountable to God and God alone. Again, it's not about a day, it is about a Person! I would also like to inject that it is not wrong to worship on Saturday, it's wrong when one believes he has to worship on Saturday to be saved due to a false belief that the Sabbath is the seal of God. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is our seal and guarantee.

Ephesians 1:13-14 (NIV)
13  And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit ,
14  who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God's possession--to the praise of his glory.

The Spirit works with us individually and if He tells you that something is wrong for you even though it might be fine for someone else, then you should follow the leading of the Spirit. There is no law in the New Covenant telling us what we can and cannot eat. In fact, we are not under law, we are under grace and we can't live under both.

Romans 8:14 (KJV)
14  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Galatians 5:18 (NIV)
18  But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law.

Romans 6:14 (KJV)
14  For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace .

Grace gives us what we do not deserve because of what Jesus has already done. My favorite acronym for grace is that we can have God's Righteous At Christ's Expense (G.R.A.C.E.). Because of what Jesus did at Calvary and rose again, believers are reconciled to God and we become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21 (NIV)
21  God made him who had no sin to be sin for us , so that in him we might become the righteousness of God .

In closing, Under the Old Covenant or Testament, the covenant was with Israel, the promise was the Promised Land, the condition was obedience and the sign was the 7th day sabbath.

Under the New Covenant or Testament (after the resurrection), the covenant is with whosoever believes, the promise is eternal life, the condition is faith and the sign is the Lord's Supper and baptism.

We are or should be New Covenant believers operating under a new Priest from the Tribe of Judah instead of Levi and living under a new system, order or way of doing things.

Hebrews 7:11-28 (NIV)
11  If perfection could have been attained through the Levitical priesthood (for on the basis of it the law was given to the people), why was there still need for another priest to come--one in the order of Melchizedek, not in the order of Aaron?
12  For when there is a change of the priesthood, there must also be a change of the law.
13  He of whom these things are said belonged to a different tribe, and no one from that tribe has ever served at the altar.
14  For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah , and in regard to that tribe Moses said nothing about priests.
15  And what we have said is even more clear if another priest like Melchizedek appears,
16  one who has become a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.
17  For it is declared: "You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."
18  The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless
19  (for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced,
by which we draw near to God.
20  And it was not without an oath! Others became priests without any oath,
21  but he became a priest with an oath when God said to him: "The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: 'You are a priest forever.'"
22  Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant .
23  Now there have been many of those priests, since death prevented them from continuing in office;
24  but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood .
25  Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.
26  Such a high priest meets our need--one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.
27  Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.
28  For the law appoints as high priests men who are weak; but the oath, which came after the law , appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever.

Raj, I don't understand your question, " Its not a sin bein unclean or is it a sin?" If I did not answer it, please explain what you mean.

I hope this has been helpful and may God continue to bless you as you study His Word.  

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