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Hi Sal,

I am a former Adventist. Trying to explain to Adventists why the 7th day sabbath has been removed has proven tough.  Although I must admit to using a very simplistic approach seems to at least get them thinking.  I may have this wrong but I don't think so.

I tell them about Hebrews chapter 9 where the writer talks about the blood of bulls and goats could not provide for salvation but Christ entered once to get the job done.  Then I show them Heb. 9:15 showing he is the mediator of a new testament for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament. And in verses 16 and 17 shows that Jesus must die out of necessity to institute the new testament.

Then I go back to Heb 9:1-4 and read about the first covenant and at the end of verse 4 it shows the 10 commandments were there. Therefore the 10 commandments are obsolete.  By pressing the issue of Christs death I can show them that the old and new covenants are just like a persons last will and testament.

I explain that when you have a new will the old is not even referred to anymore.  Then I give them an example of picturing them as an heir under the old will and they read of the death of the person who had the will.  Then I present a scenario where they go to the reading of the will and when it does not include them in the new will; they complain and it is explained to them that the new will supersedes the old one that they are in possession of and that a court of law would not even refer to that will as having  authority.  It usually gets them thinking.  Of course I still hear them come back with memorial of creation language but they can not refute what a new will means over the old will.

Sometimes I need to go back to Exodus and Deut. to explain the 10 commandments are included part and parcel into the old covenant.

Is there some things I can clean up with my explanation?  Does this even make sense to you?  I can see from your answers they are more scholarly than mine but I do try to get my point across.

I look forward to your answer.


Dear Brother Charles:

I commend you on trying to help SDAs see the truth. I believe that it's important for former SDAs to speak out on the false teachings of their former Church. That's why I'm so glad that Patricia has joined Allexperts. She can speak from her experiences as an SDA in a way that I cannot.

There is no "script" for evangelizing SDAs. If you do one-on-one evangelizing you will have to adjust your teaching to the individual. In other words, some SDAs are more open than others. Your will analogy is good. I usually use the idea of contracts, but it's that same principle. I'm surprised that in your use of Hebrews that you failed to include 8:13. That verse proves that obsolesce of the entire Old Covenant in plain language. You might want to include it in your evangelization efforts.

Good Luck,
Brother Sal

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