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If I'm not mistaken it was in 1888 when Jones and Wagoner brought the message to the General conference(the whole of the general conference represents the word of God# Unfortunately the GC rejected the message, EG white stood with them and supported them, tried convincing the people of God to obey but they rejected it. Eventually she #EG White# told the people they would be rejected by God just like the Jews who rejected and crucified Christ, after |His crucifixion He rejected them.

Today we have different kinds of SDA IMS SDA; 51 Movement etc....) why is that so? Did people part way after the rejection?

Jones and Wagner were certainly studious and persistent in their teachings about Righteousness by Faith. And 1888 was certainly a valuable year for Adventist history.

When you say that the GC rejected the message, I understand what you are saying but I think that it is not the conclusion I would come to. Rejection of a message does not take place in one year, it is an ongoing sense that there is a message in Scripture that is pregnant with meaning and always being reborn in the minds of serious students. While key GC leaders like Butler and Smith were difficult to convert to the message, I don't think that puts the whole GC or denomination in trouble.

As for EG White's assertions that the people or the church would be rejected like the Jews who rejected Jesus, I'm not sure what you are referring to. The context of that writing would be helpful to go back and check on again. Rejecting Jesus is serious of course, in any manner or through any teaching.

Martin Webber wrote a book on 5 views of Salvation that were prevalent in the recent past. We have always had some different approaches to understanding Salvation, the basic premise being that Christ saves us by faithfully trusting in Him that this is His role and plan for us. Everything after that has been debated for 160 years and will go on being debated until the Lord returns, soon I hope.

I'm not sure what groups you are referring to above but we have had quite a few groups part company over the years, and many who have stayed as well. It is hard for some of us to live and worship with others who see things differently at times, but it is a growing part of the times we live in to have differences, hopefully not irreconcilable ones.

As for the 1888 Message as it is often called, I like George Knight's materials on the subject. I should think a visit to your Adventist Book Store would help out there. George was on a special committee to work with this subject and I believe he gave it fair treatment in his writings and offers a helpful and balanced understanding of what was rejected and what was not rejected from the Jones and Wagner story. I will add that I don't believe as a church we have rejected Jesus in any way. In fact, I don't believe that much of what Jones and Wagner offered was rejected by us either. Certainly some was, but more likely a clash of personalities was involved as well, and a changing of the guard as it were.

When I read Steps to Christ, which I do often, I see a clear and simple trust in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is at the core of Righteousness by Faith. I think she outlined it well and I believe most of the members in our church that I have served have come to a similar belief in Christ's saving power.

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