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John wrote at 2013-05-13 02:31:42
Trying to help the SDAs see the truth?  Both of you are clearly missing the obvious.  SDAs already know the truth.  We know that in order to have eternal life ALL that we need is faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  What more do the SDAs (or any other Christians) need prey tell?  

So just why do people like you, Sal, Patricia, and countless other sanctimonious Christians feel the need to take on this totally condescending attitude towards fellow believers?  That is something that has puzzled me for years…  Why is it that you feel that it is somehow your duty to impose your beliefs on your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?  

I try to reflect Jesus in my life and in my interactions with others.  I don’t assume that my way is the only way to correctly follow Him and certainly don’t presume to tell others that they need to follow scripture the exact way I do to be a good Christian.  We only need to lead others to Jesus and from that point on He will do the rest.  

You really need to quit casting the stones of intolerance at others and devote your time leading the unsaved to Jesus… That my friends is the ONLY thing that matters.  This senseless bickering and insolence towards SDAs because we choose a dissimilar doctrine is nothing more than a clever distraction of Satan…  Isn’t it clear to all of you that he is coercing you to focus on our differences and squabble over the correct way to follow Jesus?  And that by doing so the short time you have to spread the Gospel to others is forever lost.


Frank wrote at 2013-05-13 22:11:40
Who is going to explain to Will and the expert that the terms of the Covenant are not written after the death of the one who makes the Covenant, but before?

Just asking.

In Christ's love,


Just Asking wrote at 2013-05-21 16:01:38
Why don't you try to explain that to Sal, Frank. Or are you afraid that he will make you look the fool as he has in the past?

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