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John wrote at 2013-05-20 18:37:57
I sincerely hope that this answer from Sal will help everyone see the hypocrisy in his (and Patricia’s) approach here on AllExperts.  Sal doesn’t have the time to spend listening to a preacher discussing ‘sabbatarian propaganda’, but he somehow finds the time to preach his propaganda to others?

Stay alert AllExperts readers…  you can take the easy way out and be deceived by these self-proclaimed prophets and their version of the ‘truth’ or you can go directly to the source and listen straight to Jesus by studying the Bible for yourself…  You have that sublime privilege.

And Charles, why do you feel the need to reprimand your former church members?  If you disagree with the SDA beliefs, fine…  move on and worship God as you believe you should in your heart.  But why presume that you are somehow ‘more Christian’ and now need to ‘help’ them?  As I have said before, wouldn’t your time be better spent leading the unsaved to Jesus than by playing mere denominational juggling games with fellow believers?


Paula wrote at 2013-05-21 13:05:15
John you said, "go directly to the source and listen straight to Jesus by studying the Bible for yourself". Isn't that just what Sal said he did? Sal said, "The Sabbath issue has been settled for me by the Bible. I don't need a preacher to tell me what the Bible says about the Sabbath." I think that you are both in agreement that studying the Bible for yourself is the way to go. Your problem seems to me to be that he doesn't find the Sabbath answer that you would like him to.  

John wrote at 2013-05-22 17:34:22

I believe you have missed the point I was trying to make.  I don’t need an ‘expert’ to tell me what the Bible says about the Sabbath either, yet Sal feels that I do.

My concern with Sal and the other non-SDAs on this site is not with their interpretation of scripture but in their wanton desire to scorn SDAs by insisting they are misguided, unbiblical, and wrong.  Just go back and read their answers and you’ll see what I mean. They prefer to argue over beliefs and attempt to paint the SDAs as a group of mistaken fools spreading “sabbatarian propaganda”.  And why?  Because our doctrine is different from theirs.  

My point was to try to get everyone to see that we all worship Jesus as we believe we should and that no one should have to be subjected to ridicule from fellow Christians simply because we have different beliefs.  I don’t think that is what Jesus wants us to do.  I believe He wants us to spend the short time we have here on earth leading others to Him, not squabbling over our differences in doctrine.  

Besides, if Sal and the others feel so strongly that Sabbath observance is unbiblical why do they choose to only share that belief with the SDAs?  If they were sincere in their conviction that the Sabbath need not be observed by NT Christians then shouldn’t they be sharing that information with every denomination that believes the Sabbath should still be observed?  

But maybe you are unaware that seventh day Sabbath observance is not limited to just the SDA denomination.  There are hundreds of Christian churches around the world today that believe the 10 Commandments are eternal and were never nailed to the cross.  All of these denominations still observe the Sabbath to show their love for Jesus and respect for His creation...

Perhaps my mistake was in directing my last paragraph only to Charles…  It was meant not only for him but for every Christian who feels they are somehow ‘more saved’ and choose to ridicule other Christians because they choose to believe differently.  That is nothing more than religious intolerance and denominational bigotry and has no place in Christ’s Church.

If the shoe was on the other foot Paula and you were an SDA, how would you want to be treated?


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